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Fall Equinox Reset

Reset and recenter with your diet, exercise, routines and lifestyle, to sync up with the seasons with your unique strengths.


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Ancient Practices To Prevent Disease

Ayurveda teaches that all diseases begin in the transition of the seasons. This is called the Rithu Sandhi. Every 4 months the elements of that season accumulate and lead to common seasonal flus, colds and other ailments. We're ending one of the hottest Summers in history, so the fire element (pitta) is incredibly high for many people. This can lead to issues of anger, frustration, burnout, hives, acne, rashes dry skin and similar issues of excess Pitta dosha.



Create Your Personalized Routines

I'll share insights that have been life changing for me and thousands of students to adapt your diet, lifestyle, and daily routines to align with the shifting seasons. You'll create your own Dinacharya (daily routine) to include the practices that best serve you, as well as ways to adapt and adjust as needed. 



How To Change Your Dosha

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. We are all unique and listening to your body is one of the most essential skills of yoga and Ayurveda. I'll share how you can clarify your Prakriti (default state), Vikriti (current state), and adapt your lifestyle as needed. This is a crucial teaching that took me many years to realize. Your state is continually changing based on your choices. I'll share powerful practices to stay in touch with what your body and mind needs day to day. 

"Thank you so much for such a generous workshop. It has brought the next few months and year into clearer focus."

- Janet

The Best Time Of Year For A Reset

You know how sometimes you resist taking a break, then you get sick and you HAVE to take a break? The Fall Equinox is the best time of year for a reset. The day and night are equal length. The summer has passed and the Pitta dosha has reached it's peak in your body. Now is the time release excess fire from your system so you come back to your center, ready for the transition into the longer nights and shorter days of the Fall/Winter. The practices you do now help you stay healthy for the next 4 months ahead. This is important do at every season change. 

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A Note From The Instructor

Hi, I'm Jeremy! I’ve been working in health and wellness since 2003. I host 3 top ranked podcasts, including the Yoga Teacher Training Podcast.

This live workshop teaches you the best Ayurvedic practices for the Fall based on working with thousands of clients over the past 20 years.

As a Vata type, the fall season effects me a lot! So i'm extra aware of what to focus on to restore balance. I'll share the things that have made the biggest difference for me and the wonderful people around the world I get to work with each week.  

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Jeremy Devens
Founder, Quietmind Yoga


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