Yoga & Ayurveda Mentorship

12 Week Mentorship to deepen your Yoga & Ayurveda practices and optimize your health, wealth, relationships and purpose. Live, online & on-demand.



Deepen Your Practices

We all need a space to get clear, center and do the deep work to connect to what really matters. That’s what Yoga & Ayurveda have been designed to do for thousands of years, but most classes and YTTs skim over this. This Mentorship is the path of support & consistency needed to see the fruits of these practices. The result is you trust your intuition, make better choices and live in alignment with your True Self. Changes come easier. Synchronicities appear to validate your choices. Breakthroughs occur without much effort. Now in its 9th year, I've made this Mentorship better than ever, to support you in deepening your practices, making clearer choices, living from your center and creating major breakthroughs in all areas of your life. Based on 20+. years in health & wellness, teaching 7000+ hours of yoga classes and trainings.

Recalibrate To Your 'True Self'

You wouldn’t trust a compass without first calibrating to True North, so how can you trust your intuition without first calibrating to your True Self? 

The Yoga Sutra (200 BCE) says "yoga is the quieting of the mind, to return to your True Self, where all of your power resides. But you must remain vigilant, for you can quickly be lost in distractions without regular practice and guidance." What could be possible if this is how you calibrate? Your intuition tuned, your mind clear, your body strong, flexible and balanced. What could be the ripple effect into the future? 


What's Included:


Align With Your True Self

The highly revered Yoga Sutra (200BC) says "Yoga is the quieting of the mind, so you can return to your True Self." "Know thyself" is said in most spiritual texts because it's the foundation of spiritual growth. To break free of the world of distractions and have meaningful breakthroughs in your life, all spiritual work begins here. What's included:

  • Create your ideal life vision and begin to work backwards to bring it into reality.
  • Create your Ayurvedic seasonal routine (Dinacharya) personalized to your dosha & current lifestyle.
  • Apply yoga philosophy to your life (in depth study group of all¬†8 Limbs of Yoga and all 196 Yoga Sutra).
  • Decode¬†your Vedic Astrology birth chart; your strengths, weaknesses, and major upcoming transits.
  • Clarify what no longer serves you & receive lots of support to make major changes in your life.¬†

Deepen Your Practices

Yoga and Ayurveda are over 3000 years old, rich with history and depth, yet most modern yoga classes and even YTTs can only cover so much. This whole Mentorship is designed to be the much needed place to really do the deep work that is skimmed over in other classes. What's included: 

  • 12 Weekly Deep Practice Sessions In Yoga, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, The 7 Chakras and The 5 Koshas.¬†
  • Weekly Anatomy Training¬†in fascia, injury prevention, pose alignment, and how to best strengthen & stretch all major muscles.
  • Uncover limiting beliefs (samskaras) and use yoga and neuroscience techniques to make new neural pathways.
  • 250 Page in-depth training manual on yoga history, philosophy, meditation, asana, anatomy, chakras, koshas, dosha, jyotish and much more.

Share Your Gifts In Service To Others

The Law of Dharma states that if you're alive, you're here for a reason. You have unique gifts to share with the world, and your purpose is always evolving as you evolve. One of my greatest joys is helping you uncover your gifts. What you share with others might include Yoga & Ayurveda, or it might be something adjacent, but my intention is to support you to make the work you do in the world be more authentic, aligned and meaningful to the people you help. These lessons in Part 3 are designed for yoga teachers but can apply to your own practices and to any business. What's included:

  • Create sequences in 10 styles you could do yourself or teach to all levels of students including Meditation, Nidra, Restorative, Yin, Gentle, Hatha, Vinyasa, Partner Yoga and Sound Healing.
  • Practice 12 methods of¬†sharing your gifts to find what resonates most with you including 1-1, in person, online, memberships, workshops, podcasts, social media, youtube, retreats and teacher trainings.
  • Take actions to grow your own business¬†including:¬†choose a niche, create an offer, grow an email list, make a website, setup bookkeeping and business banking, create an LLC, create Meta ads and grow your Instagram

Want to get a feel for the training?

Check out this free training called "How to Relieve Tension in 12 Major Muscle Groups" - This is a small example of some of the things you'll learn and get experience with in the Mentorship
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This Is For You If...

  • You're a yoga teacher or student with 2+ years of practice.
  • You love yoga and want to¬†immerse in the deeper practices¬†such as¬†anatomy, philosophy the yoga sutras, chakras, and ayurveda¬†but felt discouraged and¬†overwhelmed¬†with figuring it out on your own from random sources.
  • You want a training true to the roots of yoga and personalized to you, free of the fads, or¬†one-size-fits-all approach of other trainings, so you know what you're learning is rooted in tradition and authentic to you.
  • You want to use Yoga & Ayurveda as a form of holistic healthcare to prevent & eliminate disease, tension and stress as naturally as possible¬†for everything from fatigue to low back pain, using practices¬†passed down for thousand of years, merged with modern science in unique, highly effective methods that¬†aren't¬†known by most yoga teachers.¬†
  • You want new career¬†opportunities¬†to help others transform their lives with Yoga & Ayurveda, by sharing the transformational practices you learn here.¬†
  • You want to¬†live a more authentic and intentional¬†life,¬†trusting your intuition, consistent in your practices, authentic to yourself and feeling in alignment in your health, wealth, relationships and purpose.¬†

If Not Now, Then When?

The most common thing I hear students say is their work with me was the catalyst to have a breakthrough and make major changes in their home, relationship, career, finances, health and all areas of life. The Yoga & Ayurveda practices I share are like a 'truth serum' that clear away doubts, fears and insecurities to make space for what you truly want. This is the soul nurturing work that is often overlooked in other trainings focused on external goals. 

Studies show that 92% of people don't achieve their goals, but people are also 90% more likely to achieve a goal if they have a mentor. This program is designed to help you cultivate Yoga and Ayurveda practices that give you clarity in your vision and goals, both internal and external. The practices help you cultivate the strength to follow through with your vision, and 1-1 and peer support is there alongside you to help you achieve your goals. Most people will put off their dreams and dismiss them as unrealistic and say maybe later. But if not now, then when? Most of your 5 year goals could probably be achieved in a year or less. Then you can truly enjoy life now, instead of someday in the future. Life is short, so why put off living? If you're willing to do the work, I'll meet you there and would be honored to support you in living in alignment with what matters most to you. 


The Yoga & Ayurveda Mentorship

Payment Plan


6 Installments (Reg. $397)

  • 3 Months of 1-1 and Small Group Mentorship¬†In Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Weekly Deep Practice & Training Sessions in Asana, Anatomy, Philosophy, Teaching & More
  • 250 Page Manual
  • Bonus: Yoga Training Library
  • Bonus: Essential Guide To Vedic Astrology: Decode Your Birth Chart
  • Bonus: Wealth Rising: Optimize Your Finances¬†
  • Bonus: Quietmind Yoga Membership
  • Bonus: 1-1 Vedic Astrology Reading
  • Pay in Full Discount¬†

Pay In Full Discount


Pay In Full Discount (Reg. $1,997)

  • 3 Months of 1-1 and Small Group Mentorship¬†In Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Weekly Deep Practice & Training Sessions in Asana, Anatomy, Philosophy, Teaching & More
  • 250 Page Manual
  • Bonus: Yoga Training Library
  • Bonus: Essential Guide To Vedic Astrology: Decode Your Birth Chart
  • Bonus: Wealth Rising: Optimize Your Finances
  • Bonus: Quietmind Yoga Membership¬†
  • Bonus: 1-1 Vedic Astrology Reading
  • Pay in Full Discount









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"I've been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching for 15. The practices resonate with me on every level, and I'm totally loving the Vedic astrology and Ayurveda aspects!"



+ $1,988 in Bonus Gifts

When you enroll now, you'll receive these bonus gifts to help you get the most from The Yoga & Ayurveda Mentorship, including...


BONUS 1 ($997 Value)

The Yoga Training Library

This image shows 3000 years of yoga history in one picture. It's an overview of what we cover in the Mentorship and go even deeper with in the Yoga Training LIbrary. This is FULL of insights into all aspects of Yoga & Ayurveda including asana, anatomy, philosophy, yoga history, doshas, koshas, chakras, gunas, meditation, pranayama, all the things!

BONUS 2 ($197 Value)

Wealth Rising 2024

Remove the mystery around your money. This is the same resource I've used for the past 7 years to easily see every dollar, every day, stay on top of finances and plan for the future. Especially useful if you want to create income doing work you love but need to manage irregular income or multiple sources. 

BONUS 3 ($297 Value)

Essential Guide To Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) is the sister science of Yoga & Ayurveda. Traditionally you would learn all 3 together. In this training you'll learn the essentials of planets, signs, houses and nakshatras so you can start to decode your own birth chart. You'll learn how to bring out your strengths and work with your weaknesses, as well as navigate important dashas and transits coming up soon.

BONUS 4 ($497 Value)

Quietmind Yoga Membership

800+ On-Demand classes in all styles of yoga to help you build strength, flexibility and balance. Classes for all of the most common requests including relieving tension in the hips, low back, neck & shoulders. All of the most popular styles including Nidra, Restorative, Yin, Gentle, Hatha, Vinyasa and Power. 

 "I searched for a long time for a mentor and course I felt comfortable with. One that could really walk me through step by step. And this was even better than I hoped! Jeremy has a gift for breaking down complex subjects into sections you can really absorb, integrate and build upon. His warm and approachable style makes everyone feel comfortable learning this deep and nuanced subject."

- Heather

About Jeremy

Just last month I had one of my own major breakthroughs. I had the intention to create this program but was struggling with how much to make it like other programs or make it something deeper. Suddenly I got very sick, in a way that didn’t make sense. I never smoke, yet I had a terrible cough. In my practices and work with a guide, I realized it was the same symptoms I had as a child around smoking adults. The cough reconnected me to my essential human need for care and a burning desire to learn about health from a young age. Where I grew up it was hard to find, but I eventually found gym teachers, then yoga teachers, then ayurveda, and I’ve been fortunate to have amazing mentors.

That experience reminded me that the reason I love Yoga and Ayurveda is not because of anything external or superficial, but because it gave me a way out. To break out of unhealthy environments, to break through depression, and be the proactive creator of my life. I didn’t have my father, mentors or guides growing up, and they were hard to find, so it’s important for me to share these resources with people who are searching for this and ready for major change like I was. I’ve been fortunate to experience continual growth and breakthroughs since then. Now I get to help thousands of people every year. I'm honored and grateful to share this incredible work with you in the 9th iteration of the Yoga & Ayurveda Mentorship. Based on 20+ years in health & wellness and teaching 7000+ hours of yoga classes. 

Jeremy Devens
Founder, Quietmind Yoga & Astrology


"It has been transformative. I found what I was looking for: reconnecting with my self."