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In 2011 I made the exciting / scary / life-changing decision to take my first Yoga Teacher Training. I knew I loved practicing yoga, I knew I wanted to learn more, and I knew YTT would be the best way to learn everything I could about yoga.

10 years of training and mentorship later, I've taken the best of everything I've learned and put it into one place. Anatomy, sequencing, philosophy, pose breakdowns, trauma informed cueing, meditation, yoga history, the chakras, Ayurveda, pranayama; it's all here, organized into 3 in-depth phases.

In a few short weeks you'll have the skills to teach any student from any background with confidence and clarity. Starting with you! Whether you decide to teach nor not (I never thought I'd be a teacher), you'll have all the resources you need to deepen a lifelong practice and a start a thriving career as a certified yoga teacher. 

Class meets every Tue & Thu, 6 - 8:30pm CST Mar 23 - Jun 24  live on Zoom. There is a week off every 5th week. 
I'll be there with you every week. See you there!

Jeremy Devens
Founder, Quietmind Yoga



Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you want to deepen your home practice, teach part-time or create a full-time career, you can. It is 100% possible. I've been fortunate to get to experience these things with the help of my mentors, and I'm here to support you to find your unique path. Your training includes: 

  • 250 Page PDF Manual
  • 15 Weeks of Mentoring
  • Weekly Practice Exams
  • Start Teaching on Day 1
  • 1-1 Accountability Partner
  • In-Depth Training Platform
  • Quietmind Yoga Membership
  • 1st Year of Insurance Included
  • Certifiication to Teach Yoga Anywhere

MNY Outline

Live workshop and ways to go deeper

Mindful New Year Live

Join us live for a gentle, all-levels yoga practice to get centered and start the workshop. A brief meditation will help you clear your mind. Learn the best yoga & meditation practices for each season. Upgrade for a new live yoga and meditation practice each season of 2021.

Next I'll guide you through a powerful process to review 2020 and discover new insights and clarify what you want to create in 2021. I'll help you learn your unique type (dosha) and foods, habits and routines to help you feel your best all year long.

Next i'll guide you through all the major astrological transits of 2021, what they mean for you, and how to plan important events around auspicious and inauspicious dates. You'll get a single page that shows the transits for the whole year so you can plan your important events.  PLUS a special bonus just for people who join live.

Mindful New Year Live + Community

Sign up for the Community upgrade and get everything listed above PLUS:

+ Monthly Zoom Accountability + Horoscopes: Get direct support every month for your most meaningful goals. 

+ New Quietmind Astrology Community: Get in depth horoscope insights and support from community

+ 3 Seasonal Yoga Classes Live On Zoom: Exclusive live Zoom classes just for people who sign up for this offer. 

Mindful New Year + 1-1 Sessions

Sign up for the + 1-1 Sessions upgrade and get everything above PLUS:

+ 1-1 Yoga & Meditation (30 Min) - Your own private yoga session to work on anything you'd like. Open to all levels of experience. I'll help you find your alignment and practices that work best for you. 

+ 1-1 Vedic Astrology Reading (60 Min) - Normally $147 on it's own but included here with limited availability. I'll guide you through understanding all areas of your life, health, career, finances and all area of your life and show you how to personalize everything you learn in the Mindful New Year course. 


Learn To Teach Yoga Step By Step

Phase 1: Study The Fundamentals

In this phase of training you'll build a foundation for a lifetime of practice and teaching. You'll learn the history, philosophy of context of yoga and how it translates into modern classes. Topics include:

  • Yoga Origins: How History, Philosophy & Lineages Shaped Modern Yoga
  • Sequencing: How to Build Strength, Flexibility & Balance In The Timeline Of A Yoga Class
  • Mini-Sequencing: How to Take Requests and Address Specific Needs
  • Yoga Asana: How to Practice and Teach The Most Common Postures
  • Learn To Teach Meditation, Restorative and Yin Yoga
Phase 2: Deepen Your Practice

In this phase of training you'll learn the skills that transform teaching yoga from just stretching into healing, transformational work.

  • Asana Progressions: How to Practice and Teach The Most Common Postures
  • Anatomy & Modern Exercise Science: How to See Anatomy & Know What To Teach Next
  • Alignment & Injuries: How to See Alignment & Keep Your Students Safe In Any Pose
  • Breath, Prana & Energy Anatomy: How to Read Bodies, Subtleties & Feedback 
  • Learn To Teach Gentle and Hatha Yoga


Phase 3: Teach What You Learned

In this phase you'll learn the skills to translate everything you've learned into being able to teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Gentle, Restorative and Meditation classes for all levels of experience.

  • Assisting: A Trauma-Informed and Minimal Approach to Effectively Assist Any Posture
  • Instructing: How to Find Your Voice as a Teacher with Cueing, Demoing and Teaching Skills
  • Curriculum: Create Authentic Curriculum for Classes, Series, Workshops, 1-1 and Online
  • Ayurveda Lifestyle & Nutrition: How to Apply Yoga Outside of The Classroom
  • Learn To Teach Vinyasa and Power Yoga
  • Certification: Complete All Assignments And Your Final Exam


Throughout The Training
  • Limited Class Size To Emphasize 1-1 Attention
  • A Safe, Nurturing and Caring Learning Environment
  • Weekly Connection and Sharing With Likeminded Peers
  • Completely Self-Paced. No Need To Give Up Your Weekends
  • Be Seen, Supported And Learn With Your 1-1 Accountability Partner
  • Opportunities To Challenge Yourself To Progress Your Practice & Teaching.
  • All Content Is Recorded For You To Review, Retain and Test Your Knowledge
  • Build Confidence & Certainty With Direct Feedback On Your Practice & Teaching 
  • Get Practice Identifying Areas To Improve and Building Your Skills With Zero Judgment
  • Work Through Fear, Self Doubt and Anxiety All Teachers Face In A Safe Supportive Group
  • Learn How To Avoid Common Mistakes Of Repetitive Stress And Overemphasizing Flexibility





250 Page PDF Manual

12 Weeks of Mentoring

In-Depth Training Platform

Quietmind Yoga Membership

Become Certified to Teach Yoga



Bonus 1-1 Session

250 Page PDF Manual

12 Weeks of Mentoring

In-Depth Training Platform

Quietmind Yoga Membership

Become Certified to Teach Yoga



2 Bonus 1-1 Sessions

250 Page PDF Manual

12 Weeks of Mentoring

In-Depth Training Platform

Quietmind Yoga Membership

Become Certified to Teach Yoga

Early Bird Bonus

Special surprise gift!

Enroll within the next 48 hours and get a special gift 

I have a surprise gift for you if you sign up now. It's, you know, a surprise, so I won’t ruin it for you, but it’s something I use every day and one of my favorite tools for applying everything I teach in Mindful New Year. I’ll be talking about it a lot on the training and recommending everyone gets one — but you’ll get it as a free bonus for signing up early! This bonus is only available in the first 48 hours.

Offer expires Sunday Nov 15, 8pm CST


"I really love the practices in the YTT. Perfect, balanced flows. It's so cool to notice new aspects of each pose. Your explanations are so helpful and instructive, just spot-on! I want to do your lessons again and again!"

Shannon B.

QYTT Student

"I am so much more confident in my home practice and my teaching!"  

100+ reviews on Apple Podcasts, Google & Spotify

"Your teaching is a really great example of being broadly accessible and efficiently effective - the way I'd like to teach. I may try to copy a lil bit :)"

Lovie L.

QYTT Student


"Rewatching the lectures - so glad to have this platform so I can absorb as much as possible!" — Patricia E.
"A word of gratitude for your support, teaching, knowledge and friendship. The training works - down to the information, format, homework and teacher support. Thank you 🙏" - Fred B.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training?

The Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training is a 12 week online program to become certified to teach yoga.

The training is based on 17+ years of working in health & wellness and 5000+ teaching hours of experience. All aspects of yoga are distilled down to 10 Core Competencies that you learn in three four week phases.

The 10 Core Competencies are
1. Anatomy
2. Apprenticeship
3. Asana
4. Business of Yoga
5. Energetic Anatomy
6. Meditation & Mindfulness
7. Teaching Skills
8. Vedic Sciences
9. Yoga History
10. Yoga Philosophy

By the end of training you have the experience and skills and certification needed to confidently teach yoga in way that is trauma-informed, inclusive and able to adapt to each individual student's needs.

You will have experience practicing and teaching the most common styles of yoga and decide on what style you will continue teaching, including Restorative, Yin, Gentle, Hatha & Vinyasa.

Who is the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training for?

The Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training is perfect for you if you resonate with any of these qualities

  • You want to deepen your yoga practice

  • You want to deepen your meditation practice

  • You love to learn about holistic health and Ayurveda

  • You love to live a healthy lifestyle

  • You want to build strength, flexibility & balance

  • You want to help others live a healthy life

  • You want to build a career doing something you love

  • You want to learn about anatomy, alignment and all the deeper aspects of yoga

  • You want to learn yoga from it's roots, source texts and teachings

  • You want to develop a lifelong yoga practice and confidently build your home practice

  • You want to know how to be able to teach any style of yoga to any person you work with and confidently adapt as needed

What makes the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training different than other offerings?

This training was designed from the beginning to be entirely online. After 10+ years of trainings I felt the online environment would be the best way to learn yoga for many reasons.

This training is based on real world experience of teaching 5000+ hrs of classes in-person and online with students from all ages and backgrounds. Most trainings teach primarily asana. This training teaches all aspects of yoga. in 10 Core Competencies. 

The biggest difference between this training in others is:

  • CURRICULUM: Rather than focusing on Asana and not seeing how it all fits together, you'll learn 10 Core Competencies in three phases with a clear step-by-step structure.

  • TEACHING: Rather than teaching a few times without feedback then having one practicum at the end you'll start teaching a weekly live class from day 1. You'll get weekly practice teaching peers. All with feedback from the lead teacher.

  • SELF STUDY: Rather than a few recommended books you'll get summaries of the recommended reading + a wide scope of recommended audio, video and texts to supplement training.

  • MENTORSHIP: Rather than having limited time with your lead teacher you have a small group mentoring with lead teacher twice a week + a private FB group and direct messaging availablity  throughout training

  • RECORDINGS: Rather than having to be live at every class with no recordings you have 2 year access to review any part of the training any time on any device

  • YOUR PRACTICE: Rather than a checklist with suggested classes you have a 60 day sadhana (daily practice) with the lead teacher + weekly themes to apply and integrate what you learn in training

  • PROGRESS: Rather than not being clear where you are in training and fallen behind you see a progress bar every time you login. Mark each hour complete as you go through training so you always know where you are at in the training

  • FORMAT: Rather than being designed to be in person this training is designed to be 100% online and utilize the unique benefits of online training like breakout rooms, recordings, multiple media formats and access on all devices.

What are all the logistics?
  • 1 year of previous yoga experience required before training

  • Stable internet connection required

  • Device with video capabilities required (any modern smartphone or tablet)

  • Meet twice weekly on Zoom for 3 hours each time

  • Choose the schedule (above) that works best for you

  • Practice yoga 5 days a week with recorded classes (1 hour each)

  • You start teaching a weekly Facebook Live or Zoom class (30 to 60 min)

  • Weekly quizzes to test your knowledge

  • Complete 2 additional hours of self study and homework assignments each week of training

  • All meetings are on Zoom at the same link

  • All recorded material is on your online classroom that you can access from any device

  • Your first year of yoga teachers insurance is included in tuition

  • Yoga Poster gift included in tuition

  • Quietmind Yoga tank top included in tuition

  • Certification granted upon completion of all hours and passing the final exam

  • All payments must be complete before you receive your certification

  • Total time commitment of 16hrs a week.
    - Live Zooms: 6hrs
    - Daily yoga practice: 5hrs (1hr a day)
    - Self study: 2-3hrs (some weeks are more or less)
    - Prepare your class: 1hr
    - Teach: 1hr
    - Study & Quiz: 1hr
    = 200hrs ✨

Is the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training going to work for me?

if you want to develop all of the skills and qualities mentioned in the above questions, I am confident this training is one of the best in the world to help you do just that. Yoga is a lifelong practice and this is the foundation that will help you succeed as a teacher and deepen your practice for years and years to come.

The feedback from past graduates has been phenomenal and I have put my life's work into this training. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied by the second week of training I will provide a 100% refund.

If you need to stop or pause your training at any point after that just let me know and I will gladly transfer you to the next available class and apply your payment to that or any other Quietmind Yoga offering. 

What is the Yoga Alliance and do I need to register with them?

The Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 in the United States that holds the country’s largest registry for yoga instructors and schools.

The Yoga Alliance does not provide specific training, but offers a set of standards that are recommended for teacher trainings to follow.  

The Yoga Alliance is often misunderstood to be an accrediting body, but it is not. It is a registry of teachers, schools, and studios who pay annual fees to be listed on the Yoga Alliance registry. The guidelines are not regulated or enforced and a student could become a certified teacher with the Yoga Alliance regardless of whether their teacher followed the guidelines or not. 

I have chosen not to register with the Yoga Alliance. I do stay up to date of what their standards are and I have designed my training to meet and exceed their standards - focusing on 10 Core Competencies and lots of practice within a 200 hour framework, rather than just a set number of hours. Having attended and taught several trainings I continue to adapt my training to be best suited to the needs I hear students struggling with, particularly in Anatomy, Philosophy, teaching skills. Rather than focus on large classes I limit class size, emphasizing 1-1 mentorship and giving you extensive practice teaching and applying what you learn rather than asking you to just sit through long lectures. I help you make yoga and mindfulness an engrained habit in your lifestyle, which is the most valuable place to draw from as a teacher.

If you decide to teach, the only credential that any studio would ask for is that you are a certified teacher, have completed a 200 hour training and in most cases they would ask you to teach an audition class. In this training I make sure that you have everything you need to stand out as a teacher based on the skill and effectiveness of your teaching.

At the moment there are other organizations that exist to offer accreditation to yoga teacher trainings such as the British Wheel of Yoga in the UK and the IAYT which is for Yoga Therapists rather than yoga teachers. Several yoga teachers are currently working together to create an alternative to the Yoga Alliance that could potentially offer a new standard for accreditation. Until then I have chosen not to be on the Yoga Alliance registry, while exceeding their recommended guidelines and focusing on giving the highest quality Teacher Training possible.

I designed the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training from the beginning to be online because it is the best environment for you to learn, review and process the training information. No need to travel, no need to miss any class. I give you multiple formats to learn using not just live lectures but also visual, auditory and kinesthetic ways to apply what you learn.

I encourage you to do your own research and learn about the Yoga Alliance from other sources such as this article: 

YogiApproved: Do Yoga Teachers Really Need The Yoga Alliance? 



ABOUT Jeremy

I help people live a healthy life

Jeremy Devens is the creator of Quietmind Yoga, an online resource to learn Yoga, Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology from complete beginners to certified teachers. He reaches thousands of listeners around the world each week with his podcasts, membership, teacher trainings and mentorship. He has worked in health and wellness since 2003 and lived in Austin, Texas since 2011. Learn more at

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