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Become A Certified Yoga Teacher

200Hr Certification & Mentorship

Based on 18 years of experience, the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training is the most comprehensive, step-by-step YTT that teaches you not only the poses, but the philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, and exactly how to teach life-changing classes with confidence. You'll have everything you need to start a career teaching yoga. Lead by Jeremy Devens, host of the Yoga Teacher Training Podcast.

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Become A Certified Yoga Teacher

200Hr Certification & Mentorship

Based on 18 years of experience, the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training is the most comprehensive, step-by-step YTT that teaches you not only the poses, but the philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, and exactly how to teach life-changing classes with confidence. You'll have everything you need to start a career teaching yoga.


This Is For You If:

  • You love yoga and want to learn the deeper topics like alignment, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, chakras, and ayurveda but felt discouraged and confused with figuring it out on your own from random sources.
  • You want a training true to the roots of yoga and personalized to you, free of the fads or one-size-fits-all approach of other trainings so you have 1-1 guidance to discover your unique gifts and strengths in practicing and teaching yoga.
  • You want to know how to use Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda to eliminate tension and stress as naturally as possible for everything from fatigue to low back pain to prenatal yoga, using yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, trigger points and techniques passed down for thousand of years through the yoga tradition.
  • You want new career opportunities doing something you love where you get to help others transform their lives with their yoga practice, with the freedom for you to work whenever, wherever and however you'd like. 
  • You want to live a more authentic, mindful and intentional life with yoga as the foundation. YTT is a life changing experience that many describe as a "life realignment" where your health, relationships, career and everything else become more in alignment with what matters most to you.

In 6 months you'll have

  • A certification to teach yoga in the 8 most popular styles of yoga, based on 10 Core Competencies, 18 years of experience and 7000 teaching hours so you're ready to teach anyone, anywhere any time.
  • Confidence to teach any pose safely to improve strength, flexibility & balance, as well as relieve pain and prevent injuries in Meditation, Restorative, Yin, Gentle, Hatha, Vinyasa and Power Yoga.
  • Clarity about how to cue, sequence and assist students through empowering and personalized classes that leave them feeling like they got exactly what they needed from your class.
  • Consistency in your yoga practice with experience in powerful practices you can use to regulate your nervous system, focus your mind, and feel great in your body by applying the philosophy, meditation and yogic practices that have worked for over 3000 years.
  • A step by step sequencing guide to be prepared to teach and adapt any class to any student.
  • Experience teaching with your amazing, supportive peers in a wide range of scenarios so you are prepared to teach students from all backgrounds in all situations, including 1-1,  online, in person, workshops, retreats and corporate classes.

"I learned more in one class than I did in 20 years of similar trainings!"

- Sandra, QYTT Graduate

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12 Monthly Payments



One Payment (Save $432)


"My students rave about my classes! Jeremy made sure we knew how to make any pose accessible. So grateful to have taken QYTT, especially with all of my class mates!"

Patricia Evenson
QYTT Graduate, Creator of "The Home Body"

"Perfect sequences. The techniques for the chakras, lower back and the psoas  were life-changing. I am back in equilibrium after this. Thank you!"

Shannon Borthwick
QYTT Graduate & Teacher

"I'm teaching twice a week now, gaining more confidence with each class and get good feedback!  The training, learning how to cue and give variations has been invaluable!"

Joby B.
QYTT Graduate

What's Inside The Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training?



From the 3000 year old source texts to modern day Vinyasa, you'll gain clarity and confidence as you learn yoga step by step. This is the foundation for the next two modules, as well as a lifetime of personal growth for you as a student and teacher. 

  • Start teaching on day one in a safe and supportive environment with your 1-1 accountability partner so by the end of the training you have overcome the fear of teaching and know you can lead great classes. 
  • Build strength, flexibility and balance with "Anatomy Demystified," based on my experience as a Certified Personal Trainer and hundreds of hours of study with physical therapists. Learn the incredibly effective “Release, Strengthen, Stretch” technique that you won't find in any other YTT.
  • Build Confidence In 10 Core Competencies so everything connects from postures to philosophy, anatomy, meditation, Ayurveda and all aspects of yoga, in the most comprehensive, easy to follow format.
  • Master the 50 most common poses. From Downdog to Sun Salutations to Savasana, learn the "Yoga Pose MAP" (mistakes, alignment and progressions) to make any pose work for you and any level of student; from beginner to advanced.
  • Complete a 30 day yoga & meditation series to embody and apply everything you learn. Past students have finished this module saying "this is the best I've ever felt!"



There is only so much you can learn from taking drop-in classes. When should you do inversions or sun salutations or backbends? How do you apply what you learn in yoga to the rest of your life? Why is breathing called the most important part of yoga? Where do you learn how to get into advanced poses? This module will save you years of confusion, prevent countless injuries and potentially even add years to your life (!)

  • Complete 30 days of self-lead practice as yoga was traditionally taught. Build a whole new level of depth in your intuition and mind/body awareness. Many teachers today have never practiced this way and it’s easy to tell. This is why your classes will stand out!
  • Master the 20 most common advanced poses from Koundinyasana to Bird of Paradise to Handstand use ‘Pose Progressions’ and the ‘Step Sequencer’ method to get into any pose one anatomical action at a time.
  • Create your Ayurvedic daily routine based on your unique Dosha (element), with daily habits to feel your best. Learn the ‘Ayurvedic Clock’ to plan your day to easily apply yoga to your life 24/7
  • Master the art of reading energy in bodies including the 7 Chakras, the 5 Koshas and the 3 Gunas from the source texts of Yoga. Learn techniques to increase, decrease or balance these energies in any pose with simple adjustments you can immediately feel taking effect.
  • Master one minute breathing, nadi shodhana and other pranayama techniques to regulate your nervous system, focus your mind and breathe with less effort. Why is breathing called ‘the most important part of yoga’? The source texts teach that life is not measured in years, but in breaths.



New teachers can lose days focusing on the wrong things like memorizing new sequences before every class. This takes away from their home practice and adds stress to their lives. Worst of all, their students feel like the teacher is detached and not fully present. I’ll show you how to prepare your classes in a fraction of the time, in a way that students leave class saying “that was exactly what I needed!” All built on - rather than taking you away from - your home practice.

  • Learn a complete, step by step process to teach great classes with the 60/40 sequencing method so you can be confident that each student leaves class feeling like they got what they needed and they’re excited to come back. You’ll know exactly what to say, what to include and, most importantly, what not to include in each class.
  • Practice real world teaching scenarios. Worried you’ll freeze up when it’s time to teach? You’ll get practice real situations based on 7000 teaching hours including 1-1, small groups, large groups, festivals, workshops, retreats, corporate clients, in person and online.  
  • Be ready to teach any student, any time, anywhere with your Class Planner, Style Guides, Mini Sequences and, most importantly, trusting your intuition with Intuitive Sequence. You’ll know how to address the 9 most common student requests while being able to adapt to any unexpected scenarios. You’ll never be unsure of what to teach. 
  • Learn how to start a career as a yoga teacher. Even if you have no tech skills, I'll walk you step by step through how to teach & record your classes, share them online and choose a business model so people can easily find you, take your classes, and become regular students. How much do you charge? What do you teach? Should you be on social media or have an email list? I'll share best practices to create a business doing work you love.

When you enroll during this special, limited time, you get:


The Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training 

($10,423 Value)

  • 6 months of live weekly mentorship (Normally $5928 for 24 sessions with me) where you learn a new topic each week with live lessons, Q&A and time to practice applying what you learned. All sessions recorded so you can rewatch later. The times we meet are voted on by you, so we can work with your schedule!
  • 200+ on-demand videos on every topic of yoga ($3498 Value) You get in depth video lesson from me on every topic mentioned above. Anatomy, philosophy, pose breakdowns, all of it! Learn better via audio? This year I'm adding a private podcast link as well! Learn better with quick summaries? You'll get those. Learn better with long, in-depth trainings? You'll get those too! This stands on it's own as a complete training. Other YTTs sell similar courses with lower quality videos, less organization and zero live mentoring. 
  • A complete, step by step process to teach great classes so you can be confident that each student leaves class feeling like they got what they needed and they’re excited to come back. You’ll know exactly what to say, what to include and, most importantly, what not to include in each class.
  • Everything you need to begin a career as a yoga teacher ($997 Value) No matter your budget, I'll help you setup the audio, video and lighting, the website and social media to save you countless hours of figuring it out on your own so you can start your own business doing work you love. Prefer to teach at a studio? I'll give you the resume templates and training to stand out in your audition and start leading workshops and events that can easily earn back your investment in YTT.

Each week we focus on one primary topic with new video trainings and a live 60 minute mentorship call. Expect 2-7 additional hours of study each week.  Everything is step by step and highly organized so you always know what to focus on. You will vote on when we meet, we will find the time that works best for everyone.

The training begins October 1st and graduation is on March 20th, 2022. Need more time? You have lifetime access to the training and if you don't graduate with this class you can graduate with next years class.


Plus These Exclusive Bonuses!


  • 1 Year of Yoga Insurance ($179 Value) Insurance is essential, especially if teaching online or on videos. I have used BeYogi for several years and you get a special discount for life as a QYTT graduate. Insures in person, online and recorded classes and teaching equipment up to $3 million.
  • Drag & Drop Sequencing App + Training ($97 Value) An awesome resource to quickly put together sequences, find unique variations of poses and plan classes. I'll teach you how to use this awesome app to save you hours of planning classes.
  • The 100+ Best Yoga Resources ($97 Value) We are fortunate that there are so many resources to learn Yoga, but where do you begin?! I'll summarize 100+ resources in one super helpful document so you get the highlights of all the best teachings.


  • Train Your Intuition 30 Day Challenge ($197 Value) All yoga teachings come from the ancient Seers of India who sat in deep meditation to access their intuition. It is this intuition that makes great teachers stand out. Quantum physics shows that we are all far more intuitive than we realize. I'll guide you through daily lessons on yoga, meditation, journaling, crystals, mudras, yantra and mantras just like the ancient seers would use to train your intuition and become extra perceptive, intuitive.  
  • The $0 to $3k Yoga Business Plan ($297 Value) I'll show you step by step how to build your career and earn back your investment in the training. It's easier than ever to reach people and the world needs your unique gifts. You'll learn marketing, websites, email lists, podcasts and social media from one of the most experienced online yoga teachers. Whether you're an employee at a studio or an entrepreneur on your own, you'll have a proven plan to share your gifts with the world.
  • Marketing For People Who Don't Like Marketing ($37 Value) Do you cringe at the idea of business plans, sales or financial goals? So did I! Until I learned that in the Vedic teachings wealth is one of the four essential aims of life, and part of the spiritual path, rather than apart from it. I'll guide you through simple exercises to find your unique, authentic way of sharing your gifts with the world and serving others with a fair energetic exchange that feels good to everyone involved (aka "good marketing!") 


  • Quietmind Yoga Membership ($270 Value) Instant access to 300+ on-demand and live weekly classes for everything from Yin for low back pain to Vinyasa to learn advanced arm balances. One year of access is included with the QYTT. Already a member? Check your email for your special code to save $270 on the QYTT
  • Cue With Confidence ($247 Value) New teachers struggle with finding the right words to say. How do you convey everything you know about yoga into a single class? What if instead the goal is to teach exactly what the student needs in that moment? It's not only possible but incredibly simple once you have a framework. In this training I show you how to integrate anatomy and philosophy to confidently create efficient and empowering cues in every class you teach.
  • Yoga For Beginners ($147 Value) This training covers all of the essentials of the 5 movements of the spine, philosophy, anatomy and the foundation of your practice. Also a great model for you to create your own beginners program.
  • Mindful New Year 2021 ($147 Value)  Recorded live before the new year, learn yoga and it's sister sciences, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology, to live in alignment with the seasons and the unique energies of this year.


IT'S A SURPRISE! (??? Value)
  •      Like surprise gifts? Enter your mailing address at checkout to receive special bonus gifts that I think you're going to love!

When you add it all up, that's a total real-world value of $12,138

When the next enrollment opens in 2022 the investment will be $2700, but you can enroll today in the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training for the reduced price of:


12 Monthly Payments



One Payment (Save $432)


Frequently Asked Questions


Still Thinking About It?

Just one year ago Shannon was a listener of the Quietmind Yoga Podcast with zero Teacher Training experience. She joined the QYTT to learn more about her own practice and maybe teach friends and family. She did incredibly well throughout the training and improved with every practice session. I was so impressed that I hired her to teach with the Quietmind Yoga Membership! One year later she has built up a following of regular students who love her classes with a library of classes on topics she has become incredibly skillful in teaching. 

Most of what Shannon is teaching is verbatim from the training that I give you inside the QYTT, and she has truly made it her own by being herself and sharing what she loves in her practice. All with the freedom to work from any time from anywhere in the world. 

It's impossible to know where your yoga teaching path will lead you but there is nearly no limit to the positive impact you can have on the world once you start teaching. The positive messages I receive every week from Shannon's students are a reminder of that.

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Want To Speak With A Graduate?

Want to hear what the QYTT is like from a past student? Email me here and I'll connect you with a past student so you can chat with via email or Zoom. This is a zero pressure way to help you decide if you resonate with the training and if it's the right fit for you.

"I am much more confident in my practice! I recommend the QYTT to anyone looking to expand their practice."

- Christina, QYTT Graduate

How I Became A Yoga Teacher

Want to learn more about me? Check out the Yoga Teacher Training Podcast above.

The most life-changing thing I’ve done was take a Yoga Teacher Training. I didn't take it to become a teacher, though. I was a shy, introverted kid who was frequently accused of being 'too quiet.' I took a Yoga Teacher Training to improve my yoga and meditation practice because I loved doing yoga. Along the way I realized I wanted to make this the foundation of my life rather than something I did on the side. 

I've been fortunate to have incredible teachers in my life to help me see my unique gifts and bring them out. I would absolutely not be who I am today without them and it inspires me to want to help others like you find your unique gifts too.

If you feel ready to make yoga the foundation fo your life and bring out your unique gifts, I would be honored to support you in your path. If you have any questions I missed here, reach out via email at [email protected] before enrollment closes at Midnight CST, Friday Sep 24th.


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