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Vedic Astrology Mentorship Waitlist 

Based on 15 years of experience, this is the most comprehensive training to learn Vedic Astrology step-by-step, make accurate predictions and start giving readings. Enrollment is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the next class opens!


"Jeremy is methodical and full of information. It was amazing to connect with him and other students around the world. The Mentorship was a life line for me during a challenging time. I am able to interpret charts now!"

- Beki Bliss, Mentorship Graduate, UK


"It's hard to believe how much we've learned! Thank you for this mentorship, your inspiration, knowledge, humility, and for expanding my astrology horizons all the way to the nakshatras!"

Margaret Elizabeth
Mentorship Graduate, USA

"Thank you for so freely sharing your wisdom! You work tirelessly methodically and your output is a marvel. You CARE sincerely and you have a genuine love of giving and sharing your work to help others."

Beki Bliss
Mentorship Graduate, UK

"Sooooo grateful for this mentorship! It has played a huge part to make my dream of being an astrologer come true and I will forever be so grateful. Thank you so much for all the effort, resources and time."

Kimberley Bartlett
Ivy Rose Crystals & Astrology, Australia

"I found Vedic Astrology after studying Western and not meshing with it. I found out I’m a different sign, and it all makes more and more sense. Jeremy’s work has been life changing. I love his character comparisons to different planetary positions, they are so spot on and it makes it relatable. Thanks Jeremy, you’ve literally changed my life!"

- Bernadette, USA

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Be the first to know when the next Mentorship class opens!