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"The Best Year Of My Practice"

Build strength, flexibility & balance with 1-1 access to your yoga teachers. $27/m for a limited time.

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"The Best Year Of My Practice"

Build strength, flexibility & balance with the Quietmind Yoga Membership. Unlimited classes, supportive community & teacher feedback. $27/m or get two months free with annual membership. 

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Build Strength, Flexibility & Balance

Build your yoga & meditation practice with direct support from your teacher and a global community. 400+ on-demand classes to watch anytime, anywhere.


Tight hips? Stiff neck? Back pain? Join any live class to share your requests and get personalized instruction for exactly what you need that day.

All Levels

From beginner to advanced, your practice should adapt to how you feel day to day and year to year. Each class gives you options to explore.

All Major Styles

Feeling low energy? Needing a vigorous challenge? With 8 styles from Restorative to Power, from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, there's a class for you.

Yoga anytime, anywhere, on any device

Want to do yoga in nature? On the beach? In the mountains? Our students practice all over the world. From the home studio to the home office, you can experience the benefits of yoga anytime on any device.

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"Hi, I'm Jeremy. Since 2003 I've worked in health and wellness. The source texts of yoga teach that "yoga is the quieting of the mind." I created Quietmind Yoga to integrate the ancient teachings of yoga with modern exercise science. We help you build strength, flexibility, balance, and live a healthy life - one practice at a time. As a Quietmind Yoga Member, you have direct access to me and our amazing new instructors Satchie & Shannon."


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  • Live Weekly Classes
  • 370+ On-Demand Classes
  • Support From Your Teachers
  • Global Community
  • Free Special Events
  • Start Practicing Right Away
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7-Day $1 Trial

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Ayurveda teaches that "all diseases begin in the transition of the seasons." One of the best things we can do for our health and wellness is to adapt our practices, habits and lifestyle to the changes of the seasons. You'll learn optimal foods, pranayama techniques, yoga postures and daily habits to help stay healthy and thrive through the new season. 

Quietmind Yoga Members get access to this live workshop and the replay for free!

"The Best Year Ever In My Practice"  

Check out the feedback from our amazing students around the world.

Hilde  - Australia

"I found Quietmind Yoga in a difficult time. I was lost and looking for something more. I practice multiple times a week and it has been transformative. I found what I was looking for: reconnecting with my self."

Amy - USA

"So much more than just leading us through poses! The anatomy cues are very useful in making more informed choices on how to construct and modify poses to address our body's needs. This is even more important in  online yoga without hands-on adjustments."

Deb - USA

"I practice every day and have done classes a number of times – to the point I can repeat parts word for word!  I feel amazing – living in my 50 year old body with an ease and fluidity that I have not had in years."

Ron - Scotland

"The classes are "top drawer." My practice has come on significantly since I started. The tempo, instruction and variations across the classes are hugely motivating."

Toni - UK

"The Quietmind Membership has helped me be more focused, improve my coping skills and understand what is truly important. Especially during these stressful times."

Paul - Guatemala

"The classes are perfect! They're all well rounded and work every body part. With the online classes, it easier than ever to keep practicing consistently."

Terri - USA

This year has been the best ever in my yoga practice! When Covid hit I became a Quietmind member to continue your classes. I now practice 4 to 5 times a week from your classes on demand.  I am so much stronger, have great flexibility and balance and my body feels the best it ever has.  It has tremendously helped me mentally and emotionally especially during this time.