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Break Free From Harmful Habits

We are living in a time where it's never been easier to live a thriving, healthy life. Yet it's also never been easier to have harmful habits related to health. The daily routines, diet and lifestyle habits of the average person have created a major health crisis. Breaking free from this is not easy. You likely have been effected, or know someone effected by these issues:

  • The #1 cause of death is preventable heart disease. 
  • 25% of people don't exercise.
  • After 30, most lose 3-5% of lean bodyweight each decade.
  • 42% of adults are deficient in Vitamin D.
  • 90% of people experience regular back pain.
  • 90% of people have a nutrient poor diet.
  • 264 million people struggle with depression.
  • The average unhealthy person will spend over $700,000 on healthcare in their lifetime.

This is a natural by-product of the rise in sedentary jobs, processed foods, hidden toxins and addictive devices keeping us scrolling rather than centered. Living a healthy life can seem almost impossible, overwhelming and confusing. 

In my 20 years in health and wellness, I've had the fortune of helping thousands of people break free of harmful habits, and this modern health crises. They end up creating new habits that work for them. I've found you just need a personalized, holistic approach that addresses 3 specific goals, to help you: 1) wake up pain free 2) get in the best health of your life and 3) feel focused, productive and present throughout your day. This is exactly what I teach in the Quietmind Yoga Membership. This leads to results like these from students around the world (no results are guaranteed, but these are results students have reported):

  • Eliminate chronic pain of 5+ years
  • No longer need medications with harmful side effects
  • No longer need risky surgeries
  • Alleviate anxiety and depression
  • Better sleep and ending insomnia
  • Increase lung capacity & ability to relax
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase strength, flexibility and balance
  • Progress into advanced poses
  • Strengthen bones to prevent osteoporosis
  • Increase disease resistance and recovery
  • Increase mindfulness and focus

What could be possible for you in your life with results like these? 

Reach 3 Major Health Goals

There are 3 main goals in the Quietmind Yoga Membership: to 1) help you wake up pain free 2) help you get in the best shape of your life and 3) help you get focused, present and productive throughout your day off the mat. Here's how:

12 Styles of Yoga

Choose a style to fit your mood; Meditation, Pranayama, Nidra, Restorative, Yin, Gentle, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Talks, Workshops & new workouts coming soon.

7 Health Metrics

Optimize 7 essential metrics to get in the best health of your life: strength, flexibility, balance, breath, heart-rate, focus and nervous system regulation.

1 Practice At A Time

Students often end class feeling "connected to myself & what really matters" Each class is grounded in anatomy, steeped in spirituality & personalized to you.

1) Wake Up Pain Free

Sometimes, waking up with pain is inevitable, but living with pain is optional. Some of the most fit, flexible and strong people I've met are yogis well into old age, and I learned this phrase from them. My intention is as soon as you notice pain, you find a class to relieve that pain and wake up the next day pain free. How?

  • Search for exactly the class you need with in depth search filters. Type "back pain," "neck," "shoulders," or even "whole body" and you'll find several options to help you relieve tension and feel better. 
  • Physical therapy informed: you may be surprised to learn that the average yoga teacher training includes only 10 hours on anatomy. Quietmind Yoga classes are based on over 1000hrs of training in anatomy, exercise science and physical therapy, so you can work with injuries and pains safer and smarter than the average yoga class.
  • Trauma informed: physical pain is not always physical. Traumatic events can have mental, emotional and spiritual effects that stop physical tensions from releasing. Every class includes inclusive language and provides options for you to personalize the class to you, creating a safe environment for healing.

2) Get In The Best Health Of Your Life 

After 12 years of teaching, i've been fortunate to hear many students say they are in "the best health of their life" after practicing regularly with Quietmind Yoga. Here's some of the reason why: 

  • Options to challenge yourself in every class: you never have to feel stagnant or bored in your practice. You could do the same class and choose different variations every time. You always have options to challenge yourself and...
  • Optimize 7 essential health metrics: flexibility is amazing, but most yoga classes just focus on that. If you do that, you'll feel great for a while, but start to create imbalances. Your muscles thrive when you also build strength and balance. Equally important are your breath, heart-rate, focus and nervous system regulation. We address all of this.
  • 12+ styles of practice: Variety is essential to growth in your practice. Choose Meditation, Pranayama, Nidra, Restorative, Yin, Gentle, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Talks, Workshops & more styles coming soon including resistance band workouts, cardio and ab training.
  • Go beyond yoga: healthy living includes your food, water, sleep, sunlight, friendships, sense of purpose, the chemicals in cleaning products and much more than just yoga classes. We address that too!

3) Feel Focused, Present & Productive

The feeling of focus and presence you find on your yoga mat can become a baseline for the rest of your life. There's no loud music, yelling teachers or distractions, it's just you and your mat with simple guidance to go within and feel great in your body. Every time you practice it primes your brain to move with this same level of focus and presence off the mat. How? 

  • Do deep energy work: The average person turns to caffeine and substances to increase their focus and energy, but the yogi looks within; mudra, mantras, and breathwork. Feeling energetically blocked? Work with the chakras, koshas, doshas or gunas. Want some inspiration? Take classes on the Upanishads, the 8 Limbs or other yoga philosophy.
  • Practice around your work day: take classes to start your day, prepare for a meeting or end your day and unwind. Students often end class saying they feel "connected to myself & what really matters." What could be possible in your life one year from now if you regularly return to that place and make life choices from there? 
  • Put down your device and close your eyes: every class is taught in such a way that a blind student could follow. This is the standard we use so that if you want to turn your screen off, close your eyes and practice, you can. Especially if you've already been on screens all day, this is one place you don't have to be. 

Learn From Experience

Words don't teach, experience does. All classes are focused to help you have an embodied experience of the deeper, meaningful aspects of yoga such as your own anatomy, your breath, yoga philosophy, the chakras and much more. Informed by 12 years & 7000 hours of teaching students from all levels and backgrounds. If you have an issue or request, I've probably seen it many times over and can help you work with it in your practice! Whether it's with me, or graduates of the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training including the incredible teachers Shannon Borthwick and Satchie Wolfe, you'll always have a great class. 

This is for you if

  • You want to be in the best health of your life in sync with your unique type (Dosha), the seasons and your environment. 
  • You want to build healthy habits around nutrition, exercise, sleep and your lifestyle, including yoga, meditation and breathwork, all personalized to your unique needs.
  • You love yoga and you want to have a consistent practice: One of the most common challenges I hear from students is that they want to practice more consistently. I make this easy for you with a calendar of daily classes you can add right into your calendar app, 600+ on demand classes to search for exactly what you need, weekly accountability check ins from me, live classes and events, an amazing community and much more! No other yoga service gives this much personalized attention and support.
  • You know you could be in amazing health, you just need a clear, personalized plan to follow: Each month there is a new theme in the membership with daily classes. All you need to do is roll out your mat and press play. Beyond just classes, you also get lessons to optimize other areas of health including diet, cardio, strength training, morning routines, evening routines and much more. I know everyone is different, so this is about finding what works best for you. My goal is to make this the best resource online to be in the best health of your life.
  • You want to deepen your yoga practice. You know yoga is so much more than just poses, yet most online yoga just focuses on poses. If you want to learn yoga anatomy, philosophy, the chakras, koshas and many other deeper topics of yoga, you can learn here through embodied practices. Every class includes options for you to do more or less, from beginner to advanced, so you can listen to your body and advance your practice at your pace. 

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What Members Are Saying:

Well Rounded

"The classes are perfect; so well rounded and they work every body part. There are very few teachers who know as much about yoga and anatomy." - Paul & Tom

More Affordable

"I struggled to find a teacher I was compatible with (I'm picky!) until I found this! Cherry on the cake, its much more affordable than a studio!" - Marzia

Prevents Boredom

"Did my first one leg Crow pose! You're always bringing in new elements to my practice which I love because it keeps me engaged and prevents boredom." - Amy

The Best Year Ever In My Practice

"This has been the best year ever in my yoga practice! I started out just with one class a week. I now practice 4 to 5 times a week. I'm so much stronger, have great flexibility and balance and my body feels the best it ever has. It's tremendously helped me mentally and emotionally too!." - Terri





Reg $97/m

  • Optimize 7 Essential Health Metrics
  • 600+ Classes in All Styles
  • Daily Class Calendar
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Monthly Workshops to Deepen Your Practice
  • Bonus: New "Beat The Heat" Workshop for the Summer Season
  • Monthly 'Best Health Of Your Life' Private Session

+1-1 Sessions


Reg $397/m

  • Optimize 7 Essential Health Metrics
  • 600+ Classes in All Styles
  • Daily Class Calendar
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Monthly Workshops to Deepen Your Practice
  • Bonus: New "Beat The Heat" Workshop for the Summer Season
  • Monthly 'Best Health Of Your Life'  Private Session

Questions? Email [email protected]

Plus $441 in Bonus Workshops

Ready to deepen your practice beyond just taking yoga classes? Students call these in-depth workshop life-changing and they're included in your membership for free! 

The Ayurvedic Summer Reset (Reg $147)

Optimize your diet, sleep, exercise and lifestyle habits in support of your unique Ayurvedic type (Dosha), current state (Vikriti) and environment. Based on thousands of years of holistic health practices that you can easily apply to you life, no matter your current diet or lifestyle. This workshop regularly sells out in person. This will be offered on it's own for $147, but you'll get in for free!

Wake Up Pain Free (Reg $147)

Waking up with aches and pains is inevitable in life, but those pains being chronic is often optional. I used to think that all you needed to do was stretch and you'd eliminate any pains you have, until I realized that stretching can actually make things worse! So I immersed myself into anatomy and physical therapy to learn new techniques that no other yoga teacher is using, to quickly relieve pain and help your body function at it's best. Many students report quickly relieving pains they have lived with for years! This will be offered on it's own for $147, but you'll get in for free!

Focused, Present & Productive (Reg $147)

Your attention is your most valuable asset, and modern devices are designed to keep you scrolling and distracted for as long as possible. This makes it hard to focus when you want, hard to be present with those around you and the whole day can fly by feeling like you didn't get anything done. I'll share powerful practices you can use throughout the day to get focused, present and productive with what matters most to you. This will be offered on it's own for $147, and you'll get in for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I'm So Passionate About Health

At 3 years old I watched my grandma have a heart attack. As a teen I struggled with depression. In my early 20's, I worked night shifts where I barely saw the Sun!

My life changed when I did something out of my comfort zone and tried a yoga class in 2008. I felt amazing physically and mentally, and renewed spiritually. I barely knew what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to do yoga every day. So I did... Until my teacher moved away.

I told her if she had online classes I would do them, but she didn't. No one really had online classes at that time. So I made it a goal of mine to create one of the best resources to practice yoga online. I moved to one of the best yoga cities in the world, Austin, TX and learned from some of the best teachers in the world. 

Yet I made some major mistakes I still see struggling yoga students make. I assumed all yoga is the same. I didn't know that some teachers were actually teaching me habits that harmed my body. I thought stretching was all I needed... until I had a chronic back and neck pain that stretching made worse.

I realized I needed to learn much more beyond yoga classes, then bring that back to what I practiced and taught. By 2018 I had a totally new approach to teaching, and when the world shut down I was ready to open the Quietmind Yoga Membership. I no longer struggle with the health issues I grew up around and I've been fortunate to help thousands of students around the world optimize their health too, with these incredible teachings. If you feel inspired to optimize your health, I'd love for you to join us!

Jeremy Devens
Founder, Quietmind Yoga