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What Members Are Saying:

Well Rounded

"The classes are perfect; so well rounded and they work every body part. There are very few teachers who know as much about yoga and anatomy." - Paul & Tom

More Affordable

"I struggled to find a teacher I was compatible with (I'm picky!) until I found this! Cherry on the cake, its much more affordable than a studio!" - Marzia

Prevents Boredom

"Did my first one leg Crow pose! You're always bringing in new elements to my practice which I love because it keeps me engaged and prevents boredom." - Amy

This has been the best year ever in my yoga practice! I started out just with one class a week. I now practice 4 to 5 times a week. I'm so much stronger, have great flexibility and balance and my body feels the best it ever has. It's tremendously helped me mentally and emotionally too!. - Terri