Learn Vedic Astrology 

Learn Vedic Astrology: the 3000+ year old sister science of yoga that helps you better understand yourself, your relationships and your unique life purpose. Step by step.

Step 1: Get Your Birth Chart

The best way for you to study astrology is to study your birth chart. This free calculator will show you your Vedic chart; all of the planets, signs and houses including your Ascendant, Moon and Sun signs. (If your mobile device cuts off part of the chart image, tap and hold to save the image to your photos)

If your chart seems inaccurate, make sure you have the correct time of birth. Even a few minutes can make a huge difference. I recommend you follow the North Indian chart. It goes counter-clockwise from the number 1 being the first house up to the number 12 being the twelfth house. Review my podcasts on the Houses of Vedic Astrology to learn more.

What do the planets mean in your chart? Review my podcasts on the Planets of Vedic Astrology to learn more. 

The key is to learn how to interpret your chart holistically and learn how everything relates and shapes who you are. I teach this in the Vedic Astrology 101 course and 1-1 with you when you schedule a reading

Step 2: Subscribe To The Podcast

Like yoga, Vedic Astrology is a life-long and life-changing practice (see the review below). The key is to keep learning and practicing a little bit each day. That's why I created the Quietmind Astrology podcast. Quick, easy to digest insights that help you learn Vedic Astrology and apply it to your life. Completely free and available on all platforms. Listen to the latest episode here:

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Step 3: Get A Reading

Schedule a reading to learn about any area you'd like guidance on including: life purpose, relationships, career, finances and health. Your birth chart shows how karma plays out throughout your life and gives clarity and insight into how to best manage your mind, energy and attention through the different dashas (planetary phases) of your life. 

Learn your strengths & opportunities to grow
Learn how to make the most of your current dasha
Learn how transits are effecting you
60 min live Zoom + recording
Your birth chart + detailed analysis
Suggested yoga & meditation practices
Holistic interpretation & remedies
Clarity, insight & next steps

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Step 4: Take Vedic Astrology 101

Learn the language of astrology. Go from complete beginner to confident with the signs, planets and houses. Learn holistic and practical ways to apply what you learn to optimize all areas of your life. It's no understatement to say this is a life changing course. (I even met my partner at my first astrology course!)

What you get:

  • Learn keywords, qualities, and interpretations of all planets, houses and signs
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Rewatch training anytime on any device
  • Learn Western vs Vedic Astrology
  • Learn how to read Vedic charts
  • 3+ hours of in-depth training videos
  • Downloadable PDF workbook
  • Free updates
  • Test your knowledge with fun quizzes
  • Learn how to find life purpose, career, compatibility, health, finances, etc in any chart.
  • Instant access when you sign up today
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Step 5: Join The Vedic Astrology Membership

If you want to better understand yourself, your relationships, your career, your finances, your health -- all aspects of life -- there is no better resource than Vedic Astrology.

It can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to learn, though. There are a near infinite amount of aspects to your birth chart. How do you make sense of it all?

The key is to learn step by step. What does Jupiter represent? What does Venus represent? What can you learn about yourself and the 12 ares of your life from real people who have these placements in their birth charts? I teach exactly this inside the Vedic Astrology Membership. When you sign up today you get: 

  • Learn Vedic Astrology step by step
  • Early Members Discount (will increase in the future)
  • Members Only Podcast
  • Live Astrology Lessons Every Tuesday
  • Early Access To Monthly Horoscopes + Exclusives For Each Sign
  • Members Only Community
  • Bonus Lessons, Practices & Q&A
$14/Mo (Paid Yearly)
$17/Mo (Paid Monthly)


"I stumbled on Vedic astrology a few months ago after studying western and just not really meshing well with what I was learning. I found out I’m actually a different sign, and it all just makes more and more sense the more I learn. Jeremy’s podcast has been life changing. I have kids and can rarely read, so this format is perfect for me. I love his character comparisons to different planetary positions, they are so spot on and it makes it relatable. His voice is really soothing to listen to. I wish there were more then one a week, I can’t get enough of this podcast and I’m looking forward to exploring his trainings. Thanks Jeremy, you’ve literally changed my life!"
- Bernadette