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What Members Are Saying:

"I've been practicing with you via Spotify and more recently via your online classes for about a year. Love how you educate in yoga philosophy along with the asana, brings the practice together beautifully. Thank you for your approach, my partner and I really appreciate it."
- Jane


"Just want to say how much I appreciate your Zoom classes.  It is always so calming and grounding to hear your voice and practice with you.  I appreciate how you watch our form and make comments during class.  I am taking lots of other yoga classes on Zoom and I think you have mastered the technique the best."
- Susan

I especially am enjoying your Yin classes – I practice every day and have done each of them a number of times – to the point I can repeat parts of the classes word for word……  I feel amazing – living in my 50 year old body with an ease and fluidity that I have not had in years."
- Deb




If you're new to me I’ve been working in health and wellness since 2003. After 10,000+ hours in trainings and teaching I created Quietmind Yoga to distill the best of everything I've learned into simple practices that you can follow at your own pace to build confidence in 10 core competencies of yoga.

In the Quietmind Membership I teach you step by step through anatomy, philosophy, alignment, energetic anatomy like the chakras, Ayurveda. and everything else that goes into yoga. I LOVE teaching these things because they have been so life-changing for me.


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