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My name is Jeremy Devens. I’ve been working in health and wellness since 2003. 

The new year is exciting, but it can be overwhelming. It's a huge time of year for health and wellness. People join gyms, start yoga, try to change their diet, but it all fizzles out. Why is that? And What can you do differently in 2020?

After investing 10,000+ hours in Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology AND 10 years of annual reviews, I've come up with an approach to this unlike any other. A holistic approach to New Year intentions that includes ALL parts of you. Mental, emotional, physical and energetic.

I address the root of the issues like how to regulate your nervous system. How to build community and connections to support you. How to know what foods and herbs are best for what seasons and what ailments.

My intention is that Mindful New Year gives you personalized guidance, focus and an inspiring step-by-step plan to live your year in alignment with what matters most you. 

Jeremy Devens
Founder, Quietmind Yoga

5 Steps to Set Your Intentions 

Without intention we may drift into old patterns (Karma and Samskaras). I'll guide you through a simple 5 step process that I have used for 10 years to review the past year and find clarity on your 2020 intentions.



Your Whole Year Planned Out

Learn postures, breathing exercises and meditation practices personalized to your Ayurvedic type, the season and astrological events for 2020, so you always have a practice to get back into alignment. 


Personalized Yoga, Foods & Routines

Learn your unique type (dosha) - a simple 3 part system from Ayurveda - the sister science of yoga - that helps you find the foods (for ANY diet), habits and practices that will help you feel your best all year long.


Your Custom 2020 Horoscope

I teach Vedic Astrology - the other sister science of Yoga. This is different than the sun sign you may know, and far more in depth. There are some major things happening astrologically - ending a 2 1/2 year cycle. Learn the most important dates and how they may effect you this year.



"I can’t speak highly enough of Jeremy. He’s a phenomenal teacher. I’ve been a student of his for years and been on a yoga retreat with him. Jeremy did a great job of creating a safe space and the format of the retreat came full circle with a clear beginning, middle and end."

- Elizabeth L.



Can't make it to Austin? Get all of the Mindful New Year content on a website with videos, PDFs and exercises for you to download, print out, and complete at your own pace. These will go live on Jan 17.


All of the online content + in person exercises, practices and discussion. Yoga and meditation throughout the weekend. Ayurvedic food and lodging included. This is the most immersive option. Space is limited. Register by Dec 1st.


Want to make it a day retreat? Come out for the main content on Saturday + get access to the full online course. All of the Saturday activities and food is included. Register by Dec 1st.



5 Step Process to Set Intentions

Your Whole Year Planed Out

Full Year of Yoga Practices

Personalized Ayurveda Plan

Full 2020 Horoscope 




All of The Online Training

Fri - Sun Retreat in Austin, TX

Food & Lodging Included

5 In Person Workshops

BONUS: Massage Therapist On Site to Give Free Massages! *First Come, First Served




All of The Online Training

One Day Retreat in Austin, TX

Ayurvedic Food Included

3 In Person Workshops


Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up early helps me a lot to plan food and lodging.

So if you sign up by Dec 1st, 2019, you get access to a new course I'm offering in Feb 2020 called  "Yoga Essentials: Build Flexibility, Strength & Confidence in Your Practice." This course will cost $97 but you will get full access when it goes live in early February - just for signing up early. This offer is not available after December 1st 2019. 

The online option contains all of the Mindful New Year content on a website with videos, PDFs and exercises for you to download, print out, and complete in your own time. All of the content will go live for you to access on Jan 17th.

The 3 day retreat contains all of the content of the online course with in person exercises, practices and discussion. Yoga and meditation practices are included throughout the weekend. Ayurvedic food is provided and lodging is included at the Tiny T Ranch just outside of Austin, TX. This is the most immersive option. Space is limited. Register by Dec 15th to hold your spot.

The Saturday only option is available for you to come out for a day retreat without lodging. All of the Saturday activities and food is included. 

The main content of the course will all be in the online version. 

When you sign up you'll create a login for Quietmind.Yoga - if you're already in the Yoga Teacher Training login first before purchasing and you can use the same login info. 

Once the course goes live on January 17th 2020 you will have access to the full training which includes videos, PDFs and audio downloads for you to learn and apply everything in the course. You will have access for all of 2020, though I encourage you to complete the training over the Jan 17th weekend to build momentum into the new year.

You will have lifetime access to the full course and receive a returning student discount if you choose to sign up again next year when the course opens again in January 2021. 

BONUS: You will also get access to videos of portions of the 3 day retreat. You have everything you need without these bonus videos, but this will add perspective and depth to what you're learning and if can't be there in person it's kinda like getting to be at the retreat!

6pm 3-Day Retreaters Arrive
7pm Dinner at Tiny T Ranch
8pm Weekend Opening

7:30am: 1-Day Retreaters Arrive
8am Yoga
9am Breakfast
10am Workshop
12pm Lunch 
2pm Workshop 
6pm: Dinner
7pm: Workshop
8:30: 1-Day Retreaters Depart

8am Yoga
9am Breakfast
10am Weekend closure
12pm Lunch
1pm Departure

* Snacks provided throughout the weekend
* If you have dietary restrictions, please email us at [email protected] 

Dress in layers, the current forecast predicts temperatures around 55 degrees fahrenheit for the weekend, though Austin can be unpredictable. 

Bring a yoga mat and any yoga props you'd like to bring. 

If you're staying all weekend bring toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc. The obvious necessities will be provided like soap, toilet paper, towels and bedding. 

A workbook and pen is included and provided, though if you want to take your own notes bring a journal and pen. 

If you want to camp, know it may be chilly so bring a warm sleeping bag and layers to keep warm. 


For in-person: If you sign up and need to cancel you can request and receive a full refund no later than Dec 15, 2019. After that if you need to cancel you can transfer your purchase to a future retreat (there will be one next January) or towards Quietmind Yoga Online Teacher Training (Next class is March, 2020)

For online only: I want to make sure you are fully satisfied with the content of the training. If you are not, reach out to me before Jan 30th. I am happy to help. If you can show that you have completed the work, we've talked and you're still not happy I will refund your purchase. 

The in-person retreat is held at the Tiny T Ranch outside of Austin, TX. See google map image and link below. 

This is a beautiful, spacious venue on several acres that often hosts weddings and retreats.

The venue has an event space which we'll use for the workshops, a tiny chapel which we'll use for private sessions and personal meditation time, and a main house with restrooms, lodging and a full kitchen and dining room.

Lodging is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

If you want to camp on the property, that is an option as well, though January weather in Austin is unpredictable so it may be cold. The current forecast predicts a high of 55 and a low of 31. (Degrees in fahrenheit).

Food will be cooked on site and include traditional Indian Ayurvedic dishes with vegetarian and vegan options. We will favor organic, local and in season options so the exact dishes will vary, but you can expect nourishing and grounding meals with Ayurvedic spices such as turmeric, ginger, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel. Ghee (clarified butter) will be available if you eat dairy.

There will be options for you Ayurvedic type (Dosha - Vata, Pitta, Kapha).If you don't know your dosha now you will be the end of the weekend! 

Snacks will be available throughout the weekend, but if you have a favorite snack feel free to bring that as well.

If you have special dietary needs we can accommodate. Email [email protected] with your requests. 

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