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Plan your whole year in a day, in sync with astrology. Walk away knowing exactly what to focus on, what to avoid and when to plan your most important dates for health, wealth, relationships and living your life purpose. My goal is to help you make 2022 not just better than last year, but one of the best years of your life! Get instant access when you sign up now.


This Is For You If:

  • You have noticed the powerful effects of astrology transits like the cycles of the Moon and Mercury Retrograde and want to learn more but have felt confused and overwhelmed with trying to figure out what they really mean for you and how you can make the best of them. 
  • You want to know all of the transits for 2022 including retrogrades, eclipses, full moons, new moons, plus the major transits of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu and how they will effect you.
  • You want to improve your intuition, health, wealth, relationships and purpose by living in sync with astrology rather than just going through life and wondering why things feel so off sometimes. 
  • You want a complete day-by-day plan for the whole year so you can plan your work, dates, trips, family time, and everything else during the most favorable astrological transits while avoiding costly mistakes during the unfavorable transits. 
  • You like the idea of setting intentions for the New Year but know Resolutions don't last and you want to take a new approach that is rooted in the neuroscience of what does work, and in sync with the cycles of the universe around us.

After This Workshop You Will Have:

  • A one page plan for 2022 that shows every major transit and every important date you have planned for the year.
  • A one page interpretation guide for 2022 that shows you the most favorable and unfavorable events for all the transits of the year.
  • A monthly transit calendar to plan your year in depth and adjust week to week based on the cycles of the moon and some very significant transits coming up this year
  • Clarity, focus and direction to know your personal theme for the year and how to stay on track through all the ups and downs of the year. 

"My most used item from the course was the annual transit calendar. I have referenced it time and again throughout the year."                       

- Salem, MNY'21 Student



One Payment

  • Plan your whole year in a day
  • Full 365 day transit calendar
  • 2022 Astrology Interpretation Guide 
  • Lifetime Access To The Replay
  • Four 60 Min 1-1 Astrology Readings



(Only 5 Spots Available)

  • Plan your whole year in a day
  • Full 365 day transit calendar
  • 2022 Astrology Interpretation Guide 
  • Lifetime Access To The Replay 
  • Four 60 Min 1-1 Astrology Readings

"Your teaching has meant a great deal to me, especially during the past year. It's helped me be more focused, improve my coping skills and to know what is truly important."

Toni S.
Mindful New Year Student

"Mindful New Year was an opportunity for self-care and mindfulness. I found the guided reflections helpful in setting the tone of the new year, with practical tips."

Jasmine Nguyen
Mindful New Year Student

“Thank you so much for such a generous workshop. It has brought the next few months and year into clearer focus.” 

Janet Cook
Mindful New Year Student

Why We Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Astrology


  • The Covid-19 pandemic completely changed the world but while everyone was wondering when it would end, Vedic Astrologers knew the global pandemic would not be a 2 week event, but the beginning of a rare, difficult 2.5 year Saturn transit representing delays, setbacks, restrictions and specifically illness for elder men of color, the population most vulnerable to the disease. If you go back in history you will find that the Black Plague was attributed to a rare conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn that happens roughly every 700 years - the same one that happened in March 2020. Not only that, but it coincided with Rahu in Ardra, something that happens every 18 years and marked the events of 9/11, the AIDs outbreak and other globally tragic events. What life changing events could astrology help us plan for going forward? I'll share about Saturn finally ending this 2.5 year cycle and how the world is changing going forward.
  • On a more personal level, you may know that the female menstrual cycle is the same length as the lunar cycle (about 28 days) and both consist of two distinct phases. But did you know there are days of the lunar cycle for starting projects, completing projects, fasting, investing, medical procedures and several other activities? I'll teach you all about them in this workshop.
  • The moon's gravity has a daily effect on the tides of the ocean and the water element within each of us; our emotions. A 2021 study proved what astrologers have long taught, that there is a link between the moon, sleep and your mental health. I'll share how to increase the positive effects and reduce the negative effects of not just the Moon, but every planet and every major transit coming up this year. 


  • Over the next several weeks you'll be seeing tons of posts with phrases like "New Year, New You" and talk of goals and resolutions, but do they actually work? Lets look at the stats:
    • According to a 2016 study, of the 41% of Americans who make New Years resolutions, by the end of the year only 9% feel they are successful in keeping them.
    • In one study, 35% of participants who failed their New Year’s Resolutions said they had unrealistic goals.This is why in Mindful New Year I show you how to set goals in sync with all of the most supportive energies of the year, based on your unique strengths, opportunities and challenges ahead. 
    • 33% of people who failed didn’t keep track of their progress. What if you had a nearly automatic way to track your progress towards what matters most to you day to day? How easy would it be to achieve your goals and intentions?
    • 23% forgot about their resolutions. So i've included an incredibly simple and adaptable process to keep your intention front and center throughout all of the transits and changes of the year.
    • About one in 10 people who failed said they made too many resolutions. This is why it's so important to have a way of narrowing down what to focus on. This is exactly what astrology helps us do.

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Life After Mindful New Year...


This Is The Workshop I Wished Existed  

Years ago I was just starting to get really into astrology, but not paying too close attention to it. I had a really rough year that included an intense illness and loss of a pet, the loss of a long term relationship, moving to a new home, struggling financially and struggling to make sense of it all. 

I talked with a friend about astrology and, without him knowing about my situation, he mentioned the date of some recent astrological transits and how intensely they were effecting people. I checked the dates and they lined up exactly with the difficulties I had been facing. I was blown away and knew I could no longer ignore the effects of astrology. 

I looked up the next transits and started planning my life around them. I started testing them and seeing what would happen if I worked with these energies or against them. Without even asking, I would see the messages from friends and social media posts affirming and validating the transits as they happened. 

There continues to be ups and downs, and there always will be. This workshop is not about pretending we can eliminate challenges, but we can eliminate the struggling against life and struggling to make sense of it all. With astrology we can see the patterns playing out, realize when we are working against them and know how to best work with them. That’s exactly what I created Mindful New Year to help you do. 

If you have any questions I missed here, please feel free to reach out via email at [email protected]


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