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102: Kate Lombardo - Yoga Director For YogaRenew


Kate Lombardo's influence as a yoga instructor spans the globe, touching tens of thousands of students internationally. For almost a decade, Kate has been teaching and leading training programs through her award-winning yoga studios before expanding virtually through YogaRenew-- the world's leading online yoga teacher training program. She is an expert in vinyasa yoga sequencing and balances that with teaching yin classes, plus she can talk about the business of yoga all day long. She answers to many titles-- Yoga Director, CEO, CMO, Speak, Leader, Writer-- but most importantly... Mama. Kate primarily teaches online and in Hoboken, NJ where she lives with her husband and two children.

0:00 Kate and Jeremy had a conversation about Kate's role as the Yoga Director and CMO of Yoga Renew, an online Yoga Teacher training program. They discussed Kate's expertise in sequencing and helping yoga teachers with their business, as well as the opportunities and shifts in the yoga industry due to the pandemic.

5:03: Kate and Jeremy discussed the growth and reimagining of yoga teacher training and teaching, with Kate expressing her opinion that there is still room for more yoga teachers and trainings worldwide, especially in areas where yoga is not yet accessible. They also talked about the evolution of the path for new teachers, highlighting the importance of social media and online platforms in connecting with potential students and growing as a teacher.

9:46 Kate and Jeremy discuss the importance of using social media, specifically Instagram, to connect with people and build relationships in the yoga community. They emphasize the value of authenticity, serving others, and focusing on relationship building rather than solely on follower count or algorithm tricks.

14:21 Jeremy and Kate discussed the importance of authenticity and real connections on social media and in online courses. They also advised starting with organic marketing before investing in paid advertising to ensure that the audience is interested and engaged.

19:27 Kate and Jeremy discuss the effectiveness of running ads for free offerings rather than paid products. They emphasize the importance of building relationships through email marketing and learning about business in order to create a successful career as a yoga teacher.

23:52 Kate and Jeremy discussed the process of transitioning to full-time yoga teaching. They emphasized the importance of having a realistic understanding of financial needs, starting with a side job, gradually building up teaching opportunities, and acquiring business skills to eventually make the shift to teaching yoga full-time.

28:09 Kate and Jeremy discuss the importance of finding one's area of expertise as a yoga teacher and the value of deepening knowledge and experience in that specific area. They emphasize the need to teach what one has personally embodied and caution against teaching topics or poses that one has not fully experienced or understood.

36:26 Jeremy and Kate discussed the importance of being knowledgeable in certain areas as yoga teachers, while also acknowledging their limitations and being willing to seek help and resources when needed. They also expressed their interest in exploring new topics such as sequencing and sound healing, and the potential for collaboration and teamwork in their yoga businesses.

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