Y107: Beginners Vinyasa For Low Back Pain - Strength, Flexibility And Balance

Despite having great teachers, being dedicated and consistent in my practice I still found myself getting low back pain. After trying many stretching techniques and finding temporary relief, I realized that something needed to change about how I practice yoga. I learned physical therapy techniques, kinesiology and biomechanics and discovered some approaches I could add to my yoga practice that...

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Y96: Hatha For Improving Balance By Establishing Your Center

balance core hatha yoga Nov 16, 2019

In last week’s episode I shared how to address deep seated muscular imbalances.

In today's episode I share how balance is often misunderstood as needing to arrive at a perfect point between two opposites. As you know from any amount of life experience, things are constantly changing and moving. A core teaching of spiritual traditions is impermanence - you can never swim in the same river...

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Y94: Strong Vinyasa For Centering + Whole Body Strength, Flexibility & Balance

Today's practice is a strong vinyasa practice recommended for anyone with 1 or more year of experience.  This is a strong well rounded practice that includes strength, flexibility and balance. 

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For my first 5 years of Yoga my hamstrings were tight. I stretched them often, so what was I doing wrong? I'll address this and the biggest mistakes I made in my first 10 years of practice so you can avoid them. With some easy adjustments you can start building strength, flexibility and balance today. Enter your email to begin: