TT18: 7 Of The Most Helpful Things I've Learned About Anatomy

anatomy teacher training Mar 08, 2020

Today I share 7 of the most helpful things I have learned about anatomy, and many of them I didn't learn until years into my practice. This is all infused into my March 2020 Online Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship at but some of the best ideas are right here in this episode. Hopefully this podcast can save you years of confusion and even harm to your...

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Y111: All Levels Vinyasa + Essential Anatomy Lesson: Internal and External Rotation

Registration is open now for a limited time to the free online workshop "3 Mindset Shifts to Build Confidence in Teaching Yoga" at

Today's class is an all levels Vinyasa - and also an experiential anatomy lesson in one of the most important pairs of movements for yoga postures: Internal and external rotation. This is key to avoiding shoulder injuries, key...

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FB1: Yoga Anatomy & Injury Prevention

In this video you'll learn

* A simple mindset shift you can make to avoid living with tight hamstrings and thinking that was the only option (like i did for many years)

* The most common mistake to make in yoga practice and how you can avoid making it moving forward

* A simple technique to release shoulder tension that often works within a few minutes

This is the first episode of my new weekly...

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For my first 5 years of Yoga my hamstrings were tight. I stretched them often, so what was I doing wrong? I'll address this and the biggest mistakes I made in my first 10 years of practice so you can avoid them. With some easy adjustments you can start building strength, flexibility and balance today. Enter your email to begin: