Y105: Yin Yoga & Singing Bowls For Back And Hips To Embody Expansion And Contraction

If you're new to this podcast, welcome! My name is Jeremy Devens. I've been teaching yoga in Austin, TX since 2011. I created this podcast to offer free weekly yoga classes for you to practice anywhere, anytime. I teach several styles of yoga, but they're all to serve two purposes: to activate either the sympathetic nervous system (active, engaged, focused part of yourself) - in Hatha and...

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For my first 5 years of Yoga my hamstrings were tight. I stretched them often, so what was I doing wrong? I'll address this and the biggest mistakes I made in my first 10 years of practice so you can avoid them. With some easy adjustments you can start building strength, flexibility and balance today. Enter your email to begin: