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87: Quantum Physics & Yoga

quantum physics

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One of my favorite topics to study outside of yoga is quantum physics. It's so fascinating and validates a lot of the ancient yoga philosophy with modern science about how the universe works.

We know that everything in the universe (including us) is made up of atoms, but what are atoms made of? These are called subatomic particles, but the interesting thing is they only appear as particles (forms) when we observe them, otherwise they behave more like waves (potential energy). This is the like the relationship of parusha (spirit) and prakriti (form) in yoga philosophy.

We are literally creating our reality based on what we put our attention on!

This is why I say your intention is so important. Your intention determines your attention, and what you put your attention creates your feelings, your actions, your results and everything else in your life. More than time, money and energy, I believe your attention is your most valuable asset, because it is what leads to creating all three of those things, and everything else in our lives.

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In this new episode of the Yoga Teacher Training podcast I share about all of the above and the fascinating ways quantum physics applies in yoga and in life. 

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Quote: “The idea of an objective real world whose smallest parts exist objectively in the same sense as stones or trees exist, independently of whether or not we observe them ... is impossible” - Werner Heisenberg

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