June 2019 Horoscope - 3 Essential Keywords

vedic astrology Jun 01, 2019

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"If I had to pick three keywords for June 2019 I would say "Depth," "Growth," and "Stillness." Depth, growth, and stillness. Throughout everything you do, when you're not sure what to do, focus on depth, growth, and stillness. Why those words?
First, stillness.
We have the summer solstice this month. As I mentioned in previous episodes; the word Solstice means sun standing still. It's at the midpoint of the calendar year and the sun appears to stand still. It doesn't actually stop, but for a moment, it appears to. Then it starts to move back. The longest day of the year is June 21. And then we start to start to transition toward the longest night of the year in December. The solar energy is more dominant now. And as I teach in Hatha Yoga "Ha" means sun and "Tha" means moon, the "Ha"/solar/fire/yang quality is more dominant right now.
Mars is an expression of the yang energy and Mars is moving into cancer this month on the 23rd. The Mars energy of action, initiation, ambition, drive, willpower, focus, fiery qualities. All that, in Cancer, a water sign, which is all about emotions, and maternal qualities. Mars doesn't always do so well there. This can lead to frustrations and irritations for you. You may want to get things done and start things and take action and move and drive. But you feel watery and soft and emotional and not able to take action. So this transit of Mars in Cancer is a reminder to slow down. This is fitting with the summer solstice; all about pausing for a moment.
I always say this, but can you can't go wrong with having a regular meditation practice. Someplace where you can come into stillness, reflect; and see things a little bit clearer. Getting perspective. This is a very favorable time for this.
Second, growth.
On June 3rd we have a new moon is in Taurus. In the exact place of the sky called (Nakshatra) Rohini. Rohini means "growth" or "growing." So June is all about this, this drive within us to grow and expand and transform so we don't stay stagnant. We're always changing, we're always growing until we die. There's never actually a moment where we stop growing and changing.
Jupiter is the planet all about growth, so let's look at Jupiter, Where is it placed? Jupiter is in Scorpio. What is Scorpio? The depth, the deeper hidden meaning of things, secrets, spirituality, transformation. Scorpio is also a water sign like Cancer, but it's like the depth of the ocean. Way down where the water is more still towards the bottom of the ocean.
So another validation that this is a great month to focus on depth and stillness.
By the way, we're still in two big retrogrades
This is not a great month for starting a completely new project out of the blue. You can do it, but it may be more challenging. Things may move much more smooth if you go deeper into your current commitments. Going back to the projects you've been working on. Why? Because we have two big planets going retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn have been retrograde all last month and will continue this month.
This is a great time to review, reflect, rewrite, renegotiate, restorative yoga. There's definitely a lot of favorable signs for growth through depth. That may sound like making new commitments, but instead, deepen your current commitments. Focus on growing and deepening your spiritual practices. Pursue spirituality and go into the depths of your work. All aspects of yourself. Especially your spirituality, beliefs, religion. If you've thought about traveling, go somewhere like a pilgrimage or a temple. These things are well supported with Jupiter in Scorpio.
Third, Depth
On June 17. We have that full moon in Sagittarius. It's in the Nakshatra of Mula, which means "root." So again, going deeper. When you get into the root system of something, that's how you affect real change. If you ever weed in your garden, you want to get the roots, otherwise, the weeds grow right back. If you're taking care of a plant you want to grow, you want to make sure the root system has room to grow. If you keep a plant in a small little pot, that's as big as it will grow. If you keep yourself at a little small pot, you're going to stay small, your roots can only get so big. But if you give yourself room to grow and sort of tend to your garden, you will grow.
With the retrograde, things like weeding are a great example of what to focus on. If you haven't done a Spring cleaning; do a Summer cleaning now. Clean out your closet, clear your computer files, anything that is limiting you. Anything that is taking resources from your root system. That way, your roots can grow and expand. Take away the things that are eating up your resources so you have more energy to put into your root system. This, along with a little reflection, a little stillness. A great combination.
Watch your temper and frustrations.
With Mars going into cancer on the 23rd, watch the temper, let cooler heads prevail. I always think of one of my teachers who had a lot of anger issues. He said he never made any good decisions in anger. He said he always ended up having to do more work and come back to that and make amends. Things can get messy when Mars feels restricted. It's rarely a good time to let anger and hostility prevail, but especially not this month. Take a moment, take a breather, get a little space from the issue if you can. Find stillness in meditation or yoga. Then come back to the issue with a little more perspective.
So those are all the major things happening this month. I hope that's helpful for you. If you want to know more about your own transits, schedule a reading with me at http://www.quietmind.yoga.
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Next week I'll be continuing the series on the planets. I will discuss the outer planets, which are not part of traditional Vedic Astrology. I've done a lot of research and found some fascinating things about Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. I'll discuss where they were at in history and how they affect generations of people. They are very slow moving, and they have effects over 10s, 20s 30s of years. You can learn a lot about a generation of people based on these planets.
One prevailing theory is that we discover these new planets at specific times in history. The historic events that happen at that time give us major clues to what the planet represents. Fascinating stuff.
Again, leave a review, subscribe or schedule a reading. Thanks for listening and I look forward to sharing more on the next episode.

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