A34: Intro to The 12 Houses of Vedic Astrology

If you know the 12 signs of the zodiac, you have a good foundation for learning the 12 houses of Vedic Astrology. In this new season I will go in-depth about each of the 12 houses and help you apply these teachings to your life. For example, for me, I am currently learning to put more attention on the 'kama houses' associated with pleasure and enjoyment to balance out my strong tendency towards emphasizing my 10th house of career. 
The Kama houses are one of what the Vedas teach to be the 4 goals of life. Learn about the other 3 in today's episode. I also talk about how the houses are like the stage and setting of a play, the planets are like actors, and the signs reveal their temperament and motivations. This is super helpful for learning the language of Vedic Astrology. 
Next week I dive right into the 1st house of Vedic Astrology which helps you understand your path in life. 
This week's episode is brought to you by the Quietmind Guide to the Planets - a free PDF worksheet at http://www.quietmind.yoga/astrology
Thanks for listening!

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