A40: The 5th House: Creativity, Children, Speculative Gains

The Vedas are the origin of both Vedic Astrology and Yoga. If you want to learn yoga from the Vedas, to mediation, to postures, anatomy and everything to go from student to teacher, check out the Quietmind Yoga Teacher Training at http://www.quietmind.yoga/ytt - registration is open for a limited time this fall and next spring. Join the waiting list to know as soon as registration opens. 
I've attached an image of a tattered old rug to this post because I took a photography class and learned some creative techniques to end up with this image. It's just an old rug, but I would not guess that just looking at it. I didn't edit the photo at all, just found a unique angle of the rug and took a creative picture. In Vedic Astrology the 5th House is where you look to understand your creativity and expression, as well as your children - If you choose to have them - speculative gains and more

In today's episode of the Quietmind Astrology podcast I will discuss everything to do with the 5th house. You can take your own notes along with the free Quietmind Guide to the Houses at
http://www.quietmind.yoga/houses - Here are my notes for this episode:
  • Self expression that brings you pleasure
  • Ability to create and innovate and bring novel ideas to old concepts
  • Children
  • Ability to have kids / possibility of kids / miscarriage / conception
  • Relationship with children and their health
  • Fourth house = traditions and conventions, 5th house = innovation and expression
  • Accomplishments
  • Creative pursuits
  • What gives you fulfillment and satisfaction in life
  • Games you like to play
  • Entertainment
  • Recreation
  • Speculative gains (this could include love affairs as well)
  • Gambling
  • Financial risks
  • Investments
  • Sudden gains, lotteries, casinos
  • Karika: Leo / Sun and Jupiter
  • Mundane: Population, birth rate, abassadors, national affairs esp relating to entertainment, education, youth and sports
  • Yoga: Playful vinyasa
  • Pranayama: Breath retention
  • Mudra: Gyan Mudra
Want to learn all about your 5th house? Your birth chart, your transits and how your 5th house changes after marriage or after age 35? Schedule a reading at http://www.quietmind.yoga/astrology

Thanks for listening!

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