A48: November 2019 Horoscope

astrology horoscope Nov 15, 2019

Jupiter picks back where it left off in April - what was happening for you at that time? I'll share approaches to work with this significant transit of Jupiter (Guru) - the planet of growth, teachers, wisdom and the most benefic planet.

Mercury goes retrograde Oct 31st to Nov 20th in Scoprio then to Libra - how can you best direct this energy in your relationships? I'll share practices and approaches I've found to be most helpful.
We're nearing the end of a 2 1/2 year cycle with Saturn in Sag AND a 20 year cycle as Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct like they were in 2001.

The Full Moon on the 12th is in the nakshatra of Bharani followed by a new moon in the nakshatra of Anuradha on the 26th - marking a great time to move forward. I'll share why in today's episode.

Want to have your own full year chart for 2020 that lays all this out and what areas of your chart it will effect based on your birth chart? Check out mindfulnewyear.com - I'm hosting a retreat that you can attend online or in person on Jan 17th 2020 that covers all of the major transits, full moons and new moons and practices I recommend.

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