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A65: April 2020 Horoscope: 8 Financial Downturns Compared to The 2020 Economic Downturn

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How long with the economic downturn last? I’ll look at 8 major economic downturns, including the Great Depression, to share what we can learn about the current transits we are in. I will share all the major events this month and share practices you can do to work with these energies.

Pluto with Saturn 2/25/20 - 4/29/22 — First since 1785 - The Panic of 1785 Saturn is aspecting Cancer Cancer rising feeling it Ven in Tau Mar 28 until Aug 1st Me in Pis Apr 7 - Apr 24 Apr 12 - 17 Moon through Ketu then Sat/Ju/Ma/PL Apr 13 - Sun in Aries Apr 22, 2020 - Rahu in Mrigishira (Ketu still in Mula until 9/19/20 when they both move signs) Discussion of Saturn in Economic Downturns -

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