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A78: Can Astrology Predict Your Future? A Fascinating Bill Gates Case Study

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This question comes up in many different ways when I do astrology readings. Questions like will we stay together? Which jobs should I pursue? Should I move to this city or that city?

At the heart of all of these questions is often a desire to use Vedic Astrology to know which choices are going to be most supported and which choices will lead to the most struggle and difficulty.

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Given how incredibly accurate and insightful astrology can be, it would be foolish not to consult with these tools to help you make wiser decisions. The key is remembering that you always have a degree of free will and choice. The movements of the celestial bodies will certainly have an influence on our experience here on earth, and they help us mark cycles and patterns throughout history on a macro level and on a personal level.

So what aspects of our chart should we look at to help us determine how things might play out?

How much of our lives are predetermined?

How do I avoid making decisions that sent me on a bad path in life?

Are there certain aspects of my chart that are just doomed to be the way they are?

What part of my chart or Vedic Astrology should I look at to help find the answers to these questions?

In today's episode I share all about Bill Gates’ birth chart and dashas (time periods) as an example of how Vedic Astrology can give you an idea of what to expect through different periods of your life. How your karma unfolds over time, and how each dasha is related to a certain area of your chart.

Again, it's important to stress that you always have free will and astrology is much like looking at the weather and gives us insight into what external forces may be at play, but we always get to choose how we engage with them.

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