FB1: Yoga Anatomy & Injury Prevention

In this video you'll learn

* A simple mindset shift you can make to avoid living with tight hamstrings and thinking that was the only option (like i did for many years)

* The most common mistake to make in yoga practice and how you can avoid making it moving forward

* A simple technique to release shoulder tension that often works within a few minutes

This is the first episode of my new weekly series: Quietmind Monday. Every week at 3pm CST.

Next week will be all about learning your Dosha (type) using Ayurveda. You'll also learn how to avoid getting out of balance and relieve summer stress. Message me if you have questions about Ayurveda.

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For my first 5 years of Yoga my hamstrings were tight. I stretched them often, so what was I doing wrong? I'll address this and the biggest mistakes I made in my first 10 years of practice so you can avoid them. With some easy adjustments you can start building strength, flexibility and balance today. Enter your email to begin: