QY77: Gentle Yoga for Anxiety and Restlessness

In the yoga tradition, there are five directions energy can move.

When the movement of energy up and out is dominant, this can create a vata (air element) imbalance. 

This manifests as anxiety, fear, restlessness, worry, doubt. Also physically as digestive issues, cold limbs, and headaches. 

To bring balance, we want to do the opposite. Emphasize moving energy in and down. This called Samana Vayu. 

In this practice, you'll focus on directing your energy from being scattered to being centered. From anxious to aware of the source of anxiety. Sending energy in and down. Grounding. Creating stability. Relaxing the belly. Cultivating more kapha (earth element). 

As someone who has been prone to vata imbalances, I have had to figure out ways to navigate all the above-mentioned symptoms. Come back to this practice when you find caught up in anxiety to cultivate the ability to direct energy in and down before the symptoms worsen. 

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