TT1: Welcome to "Yoga Teacher Training" Podcast!

My name is Jeremy Devens and welcome to the Yoga Teacher Training Podcast! 

This podcast is all about learning yoga, as a teacher, as a student, and going on this long and lifetime journey from student to teacher, back to student, back to teacher. I’ll share what I've learned, in my experience. I’ll talk to experienced teachers and we’ll discuss what's working for them and what can support you in your teaching. 

We’ll cover all aspects of yoga from the postures, to teaching, to anatomy, to philosophy. We’ll also go in-depth on Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. That’s where we’ll get into applying yoga to your diet, sleep, nutrition, and all the holistic lifestyle stuff off the yoga mat.

Of course, we'll talk about the physical Asana, practice yoga, the things you do in the classes, the stretching, but also the strengthening and the things that aren't covered as commonly in everyday yoga classes. 

You'll learn about the mistakes that I made personally in my 10 plus years of practice. Such as overstretching and trying to open everything all the time… and then wondering why I was always sore and tense in my shoulders and hamstrings. Even though I was stretching the hell out of them all the time… So I learned to strengthen as well. And I learned how to integrate these different parts of health and fitness besides just the flexibility training and the meditative aspects of yoga.

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For my first 5 years of Yoga my hamstrings were tight. I stretched them often, so what was I doing wrong? I'll address this and the biggest mistakes I made in my first 10 years of practice so you can avoid them. With some easy adjustments you can start building strength, flexibility and balance today. Enter your email to begin: