TT15: Vedic Astrology For Yoga Teachers

This is part of a series on bringing closure to the year and planning your classes for the year ahead. Starting with Episode 12, up to Episode 16.

What is Vedic Astrology? How is it different than western sun sign astrology? How is it related to yoga, and why is it considered a "sister science" of yoga?

Even if you're completely new to Vedic Astrology I'll help you get started with today's episode and give some suggestions on how you can begin applying awareness of transits and astrological influences to your teaching. If you want to know the specific influences effecting you this year, based on your birth chart, that's exactly why I created the Mindful New Year online course and retreat. You can learn all about it at

Enter to win free access to the online version of Mindful New Year by leaving an honest review for this podcast or my others: Quietmind Yoga and Quietmind Astrology. Winner will be selected on January 10th, one week before the event.

Thanks for listening!

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