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TT2: From Limiting Beliefs to Rising in Love with Angie Knight

angie knight holding space interview limiting beliefs yoga teacher training podcast

This is a special episode!

Today I interview one of my mentors, Angie Knight. She has taught for 20+ years and we have worked together for the last 6 years. In the interview she shared some brilliant insights that you can apply right away. We discussed: 
  • How to get into a receptive state of intuition and inspiration
  • How do you distinguish between what is your intuition and what is your conditioning?
  • A personal story of the synchronicities and intuition that lead me to Angie's class
  • What blocks you from following your heart
  • How to resolve cognitive dissonance
  • Angie and I share limiting beliefs that we have had around money (and how my car fell apart!) 
  • How to go stop unconsciously creating what you don't want
  • Learn about Angie's event happening on July 27th in Austin where you can practice all of the above
  • The importance of having a safe space to process your emotions
  • What's "wrong" with you is actually your gift
  • Flexing your 'faith muscles' 💪
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Full Transcript: 
Jeremy Devens 0:06
I'm so grateful to be here with one of my mentors and teachers. Angie Knight. Someone who I've been honored to get to work with for many years now. She's doing some really cool new things beyond the typical yoga classes and yoga teacher trainings, and retreats, and mentorship and all the cool things that you do.

Today we're going to talk about some limiting beliefs and things that might be holding us back and how that's working in our lives, and how they might show up in ways that we might not always be aware of, and how we can work with those things to create the lives that we know we're meant to live and to bring out and bring forth the gifts that we have within us.

You've been somebody who I've watched do that and you've been an inspiration to me. So I'm really grateful to have you here in this context, and to help you get to share that with people. I'm really excited to dive into this.

Angie Knight 1:01
I'm excited to be here, Jeremy, thank you for inviting me.

Jeremy Devens 1:05
Thank you. So tell everyone a little bit about you and your background and how you got to this point,

Angie Knight 1:17
Well, I think we should go back to when I first moved to Austin, because we are now at that location, and it's blowing my mind. I moved back to Austin from Alaska 12+ years ago, and I actually lived in the same place where you live now. Which is tripping me out. Incredible.

Jeremy Devens 1:40
We didn't know that until she came over here to record.

Angie Knight 1:43
I typed in the address. And then I pulled up and called him like, "did you give me the wrong address?" This is where I first lived! So that's when I started getting in the yoga community back then I had taught in Alaska. Did we meet at Yoga Yoga?

Jeremy Devens 2:02
Yeah, I think so.

Angie Knight 2:03
Okay, so how many years have we known each other?

Jeremy Devens 2:05
Probably since 2013 - 14. Maybe?

Angie Knight 2:09
Yeah, a long time. So we kind of grew into that community, I grew into that community and taught yoga for many years, and then started branching out into leading retreats, and then developed a teacher training program. And I had a mentoring program. Were you in the first one?

Jeremy Devens 2:32
I was in the first one!

Angie Knight 2:33
And what year was that?

Jeremy Devens 2:34
I think that was 2014 - 15.

Angie Knight 2:36
Okay, you're just going to help me here. So I had a mentoring program, where I helped people grow into themselves - was basically the intent behind it. And to it was called the art of holding space. So it was how to hold space for others, but it kind of morphed over over the years and how to have your own back, which is what I needed to learn about. Because I have served others at my own expense historically.

So then I kinda got on a kick about teaching people how to have their own back and how to be there for themselves. So not only like how to listen to another human being in a non judgmental, loving, compassionate, grounded way, but how to do that for myself how to teach other people to do that for themselves, became my new mission.

And then, most recently I had an event, a workshop that wasn't yoga centered. And it was in January. And I said, walking into it, this is going to change the course of my career and my life's work, but I didn't know what that meant. You know how sometimes you say something, and you know it to be true, but you don't know what the heck, you're saying I was one of those moments. And I was actually terrified of that weekend, because every time I sat and tried to come up with a plan, like was waiting for the download, which usually happens, it wasn't happening. And I was like, Okay, these people are spending, you know, a lot of money to do this event. And I don't have a plan. But that's the way that things come through me. And I know that, right. So this was just kind of the largest scale of me trusting that I'm going to drop into my heart and what needs to come out will come out. And it was beautiful. Like happens every time I have to do that it's better than what I could have planned, because what shows up is what needs to happen. And then I'm hyper tuned into what's there rather than trying to go with a formula or a plan. It was an amazing weekend. I was so high after that. And I didn't yet know the effects of the people there until a little bit later.

As a result of that, I woke up maybe three days later with a download - is what I call it. And it's just like, this is what you're going to do. This is what it looks like, skeleton frame.. And before I had a chance to get freaked out, I started taking actions, which I've learned over the years, that's kind of a male quality that I don't necessarily naturally have. I like to be in the moment. In order to bring something from a download into this planet, you have to take a lot of action. So I just started taking action. And before I knew it, my pretty much entire life has changed and my work changed.

So some of the people that came to the January event, I said I didn't know how it affected them. Now I do. The people on my team; three out of five or six of them were at this event.

Three of us have left our jobs of 12, 15 and 20 years. (laughing) So I don't mean to freak anybody out don't have to leave your job. And the other one has had more internal shifts that are pretty profound for her. And I've been in touch with the people that came to the event - some of it was more subtle, but it's been so inspiring to me how necessary, this message and this movement is at this point in time. So... I'm kind of on fire. Not always in a grounded way. But it feels like the energy of... the only thing I can equate it to is falling in love. You know, when you first fall in love, you're just on fire, right? It's not very grounded. But, it's almost like this thing needs to be born. And I feel like a download is just like, do you want to say yes to this? And if I didn't, it would go on. Right? But I did. I said yes. All caps. Exclamation point. It feels like this thing that has to happen.

Jeremy Devens 7:45
I love that. I imagine some people listening may not have heard this concept we're talking about of 'receiving a download.' I know from The Art of Holding Space and Mentorship and working with you for so long. Like, I've sort of embodied that as well. And I've personally learned to get out of my own way. Like sometimes I'm working a lot and people are asking me like, "you must be exhausted, you're doing all these things." And it's like I'm not doing anything. I'm letting it happen through me.

Angie Knight 8:13

Jeremy Devens 8:14
And if I was doing this, I would be exhausted. But if because I'm allowing it, it's it's a lot easier. That's what I picked up from working with you. And I imagine that's what you're saying is your experience as well, where you're allowing this thing to come through you. And that's how the download came through? Is that is that your experience?

Angie Knight 8:34
Yeah. And just to define, what I call the download is, it's when you're in a receptive state, so it can, for me it was when I first woke up, or it can be while you're running or taking a shower, you know, when you have those epiphanies. And it's when you're not in your mind, and you're in a relaxed receptive state. And I don't exactly know how it happens. But it's idea or inspiration, that just comes through in a very clear manner. And you can either push it away and go back to your routine, or you can say "yes" to the inspiration and the idea, and then take action to bring it to fruition. So for me, it's very similar to what you described, but it's, it's a balance of efforts and ease. So a lot of I've actually had to put in, I've worked harder than I've ever worked on anything in my life. And to be honest, it has been exhausting. But it's like the necessary pains of childbirth is what it feels like. And to keep working has been a no-brainer. Because I'm so inspired.

Jeremy Devens 9:55
I love that. And I might imagine my people listening might be thinking, like, How do I know if it's download or just like, some thought I have or something, some belief I picked up from someone else. So old pattern or conditioning? How do you distinguish between the truth and the "what I should be doing?" or "I think I should be doing."

Angie Knight 10:14
Oh, Jeremy we could go so deep on this one! You just gave me so much, I don't even know where to start! Okay, so it's how it feels. So it's personal, it's how it feels inside of you. And it's, it's that it's your heart knowing it's your heart knowing. And you can do that consciously through meditation and access that or it can come through naturally when you're not operating exclusively in your head. And there is an innocent quality to it. I don't know if that's the right word. But there's a purity. And I don't know that that's truth. Because you know me, I'm not I don't think anything's right, wrong or true or untrue. But it is true for me and for this time. And the way that you can tell is when it first comes through, do you expand? Or do you contract? It has to be right away, because even if it's from your heart, you just wait another five minutes or the next day and your brains going to start telling you all the reasons why that's not a good idea. Right? That's the risk assessor, the mind kicks on. So, in the moment, do you expand out from your heart?

Jeremy Devens 11:43
I love that. I'm remembering now, maybe one of the first classes yours I went to, and I guess we've had a lot of synchronicities bringing us together. I was at a friend's house and they had this book about spirit animals. And I never really had before that I'd never read looked at those kind of books. I just like oh, that's kind of interesting, but actually, like, look through it and like thumbed open to a page. And it was like, I don't know, some like Jaguar or something. I don't remember exactly what it was. But I think it was that that day or the next day, I went to your class and you were talking about spirit animals in the class. And you mentioned that same animal that I saw in the book. And that was like maybe the second or third class I taken with you maybe the first but that synchronicity that like intuition, like the insight that had me to like look at the book. And the insight, the intuition that told me to go to your class, like that I knew I was onto something; just keep going in that direction. And I think the more I've listened to that voice, the easier it gets to hear it. And maybe that's your experience too where it's like "okay, I followed that voice and lead me to this place and that felt really good. And then it led me this place and that felt really good. And this seems like it's all in alignment. And you just keep following it like that.

Angie Knight 12:57
And not that there's not bumps in the road.

Jeremy Devens 12:59
Oh yeah, right.

Angie Knight 13:00
There's this friend, Greg Davis, he's a photographer for National Geographic, he calls them "God winks." They're serendipitous, synchronostic moments, where you feel like life is giving you an affirmative.. And it is when you're following that inner calling, that I feel like that happens more and more. And I think synchronicities are happening all the time. But when we're out of our comfort zone, we're paying attention. We're really present. We're not just following the traditional roadmap when you're living from your heart.

Jeremy Devens 13:36
So what do you think blocks people the most from doing that? They might be feeling like they they hear that voice, or they feel this calling or this pull, something in them says "maybe I should quit my job." or "maybe I should move here," but they don't do it. They don't listen to it. What is blocking them? Why is it like they might have this calling, but something is blocking them from actually following it?

Angie Knight 14:02
So most people feel shame about that. They're like "Oh, I know." Most people know, they have little voices and little callings about other things that they're meant to do in life, but it's scary. So then they feel ashamed often, if you were to go underneath it, but what I'm going to share with you can liberate you from that shame. Because there's, there's no reason to feel a shame. It is your brain. It's your programming, and it's your conditioning that keeps you in this box, because when you were first born, you are alive and present and in awe and curious about things and you allowed for emotions, right? You had a tantrum or you were happy. And often in the same breath, those things would happen. And we didn't have this conditioning that inhibits that creative movement inside of us. And we were present, we were connected to life, then we start getting educated, we start listening to the voice of our parents. And they've also been conditioned in whatever ways they've been conditioned. And so, I mean, I even found myself doing this to my youngest, who's so present, like, I can't even get them into the car when he was younger, because he would be chasing a butterfly, which is beautiful, right? But sometimes you have to get in the car! So I'd be like "Sebastian, don't chase the butterfly." So we get this conditioning of like, "Oh, you need to do that to be a good boy." Right? Or "no, no, that's bad." And so then we start to have programming.

So I did this... I got hypnotized recently, which I've never done before. I'm not into somebody taking over my subconscious, but it was online, so I figured it was safe. And, oh my gosh, it took me all the way back to when I was 2. I had a memory and I checked it with my parents and it matched up and it was about getting rid of the fear of rejection, which we all have to some degree. It took me back to three different times in my life where I had taken on the belief that I was rejected, that I was un-worthy. And the one that was 2 I saw myself in a diaper. I was chasing my sister and these two neighbor friends down the hallway, and they closed the door on my face, and my finger was in the door. So I think it was traumatic at that age. And that's why it stuck, but in that moment, I took on the belief that they don't want me in there. Like I'm the only one. They will shut the door in my face. That's like ultimate rejection, right?. At two! Was the first time I took on that belief.

Then what happens is, you go out into the world, and you look for proof of that. So you see it. It's like when you're tuned into the synchronicities. They're happening all the time. Yeah. So when you're tuned into "okay, I'm not worthy," you're going to look for proof of it. Then, say you don't see it. Everybody's being loving to you. You're going to act or speak or do something to make it happen. And that's all subconscious. So that's what's getting in the way of you following your heart's deepest desire. Is this programming.

Jeremy Devens 17:28
Yeah. Something in our brains has to reconcile beliefs. Like, if I believe that I'm unlovable, and I'm not seeing evidence of it that's cognitive dissonance. My brain has gotta say "that can't be true." That is what my brain believes. So I've got to validate it. I've got to create it. It's amazing stuff. You've experienced it personally. I've seen it personally. You've seen it with people, I'm sure. But there's also there's like, there's brain science behind that to that I've done some research on that. So

Angie Knight 18:05
I need you to come with me and backup all my intuitive... stuff!

Jeremy Devens 18:10
Well, you don't really need it. But some people who are very left brain, you know, it helps us.

Angie Knight 18:15

Jeremy Devens 18:24
Okay, so somebody is aware of that. Then what do they do with it, now you're aware that you're doing that?

Angie Knight 18:31
Now, here's the really brilliant thing. You don't have to do that much. Because awareness shifts everything. It's just been in there. And like you said, there's cognitive... dissonance. (laughing)

So you bring it to light. In this particular circumstance, I was like, "Oh, my gosh, I was 2." Of course, if you're the only one left out of a room and they slam your finger in the door, you're going to believe that's your proof that you're not wanted.

So I realized that there were other big things in my life that affirmed that. But seeing it, I was able to do a couple of things. I was able to look at that experience through my adult perspective now. And I was able to see 'Oh, it's not that they didn't want me around, it's that my older sister was being an older sibling.' And the two neighbor kids were going along with it. That doesn't mean anything about me. Nothing. So it's not true. Then, I was able to go back and rewrite it. So like, 'what would I have wanted to happen in that situation?' 'What would I have wanted to tell my 2 year old self, if there was someone there that could not let that belief stick?' So I was able to rewrite the dream. Then, once you have an awareness of it, you can simply say, "Do I want this belief or not?" And you can just toss it. Like, I just picture myself tossing it.

I've done this in so many areas of my life, and I told you about some of them. One of them was around money. I have all this programming around money. I took on some of my parents beliefs around money, and then I had my own mishmash version of it. And one day, I just sat there, and I did this process that we will do over this weekend, not this weekend, but the event. And I looked at my beliefs, and I brought them up, I brought them up to the surface and was like, Oh, yeah, life has been mirroring that back to me. And it wasn't a negative belief, it was really the universe has my back. But, just enough. There will always be enough to get by. And my life has proven that and I can tell you miracle after miracle of money just flying in from nowhere to affirm that. So I have a deep trust in the universe to take care of me. But just enough.

So the day I saw that, I was like "I'm tossing it, I'm totally going to toss it. And not only am I going to toss it, I'm going to try on a radically different belief." Which is the next thing you can do. You can consciously choose, like, "what would I want to believe?" And then you just put it in there. And there's ways to expedite the process. You can like, say it to yourself 1000 times a day, if you've said the other thing 1000 times. You can start acting as if it's true, you can just claim it, like claim it now. And then you you are it. So you don't say like "I want to have enough money to live in freedom." You say I have. I am abundant enough to live in total freedom now. Because if you say "I want to be healthy," you're basically saying "I'm sick."

Jeremy Devens 21:54
Saying "I'm not healthy and I want to be."

Angie Knight 21:57
Yeah. And so it's always right over there. So you reprogram your brain by declaring it to be true. And then you start acting as if it's true. So I've done this to the nth degree, I don't necessarily recommend everybody try when I did. But when I taught that belief, I just started acting as if I had the money that would make me feel free.

So, for example, my lease was up on my apartment that we had lived in for six years. And I have two kids, it was a two bedroom. And so I was like, hmm.. and we were just driving around looking for a house. And we ended up moving into this beautiful house. And I had no... I hope my landlady doesn't listen to this podcast!. I had no idea how I was gonna pay for it, but I sure made myself sound like the best candidate!

So we moved into this beautiful house, and then, you know, just another example, my car started having problems. So I just drove it to the dealership. And it wasn't a brand new car, but it was like, almost brand new. First time ever, like, Oh, yeah, that's my car, like, that's the kind of car would drive if I'm abundant enough to be free. So sure enough, I moved into this house, didn't even have furniture for it. And I went upstairs in the game room, and I was like, I don't even have furniture for this room. And then it was like, and this is what happens when you bleep. Because when you're living in the conditioning beliefs, your view is really narrow. And when you jump, and you start to expand outside of that, you start to see possibilities everywhere. So I was looking at this room, my old conditioning would be like, you don’t even have enough money to buy furniture. And then in popped, "This is the yoga studio. This is a beautiful yoga studio!" So I had my first in-house retreat. And just started becoming the person that I was saying I am

Jeremy Devens 24:14
That's so good. I've definitely had that belief, I had this for a couple years for sure of "I always end up having enough." No matter how low my bank account would get in the past, I'd always say "I know I'm always going to make it, I'm going to pay the bills." And there was actually a point maybe a year ago where I had a similar realization/ Like, oh.... I'm always going to have just enough and that's what would end up happening. It was just enough and no more. I'd pay the bills. And I'd be okay. But no more than that. And it's so interesting as another synchronicity, I guess, like I've been on a similar path over the last year just and maybe this is applying like maybe these are the same things you're teaching at the retreat, maybe I've just picked synergistically energetically from being around you for so many years. But like, feeling into like, okay, so I had a I had a car that was all broken down and beaten down and

Angie Knight 25:12
just enough.

Jeremy Devens 25:13
Yeah, just enough and the the bumper was falling off, and I had to tape it back up. Duct tape. Yeah, I used gorilla tape because it matched the paint color.

Angie Knight 25:23

Jeremy Devens 25:25
And it would fall off. And then I put it back on. And I was driving one time with Christine and like this whole part of my undercarriage of my car fell off. She's like, "Oh, my God. You need to get a new car now."

Angie Knight 25:39
(laughing) She must really love you. If you got her in that car, you know she loves you.

Jeremy Devens 25:44
side of it. Like I couldn't open the passenger door. So I would have to open the door for her.

Angie Knight 25:51
She was trapped in there?

Jeremy Devens 25:53
She could get out. She couldn't get in unless I opened the door for her. So I'd say it had built-in chivalry. Because I'd have to open the door.

But the bottom fell off. And she's like "You need a new car now." And I'm like, "I just took off all this extra deadweight I had under my car. It's like I got a new car." So I always had a positive attitude about it. Like I never let it be like, Oh, my shitty car and like, I have to drive this car around. It's like, I'm happy and positive and free and like light and easy. And like I have a sunroof. This is amazing. I have a sunroof.

But, as the as the car is getting older, I knew I had to get rid of it soon. I was going to be paying all this in repairs anyway. So I might as well put that money into a new car. So I just started instead of thinking "I need a new car, my old car sucks, this cars gotta go." I just kept feeling like, it's going to feel... I mean, not "it's gonna," but "it feels so good to drive my car." And I just imagine, being in that new car and like how good it feels. And like I'm in it. And I'm driving it and I feel the breeze and it's amazing. And I just kept embodying that feeling of being in that new car.

Angie Knight 27:04
Ah, that's it. I got chills. Did you imagine what kind of car and what color?

Jeremy Devens 27:07
Yeah, pretty much. I mean, it's really close. Yeah. So, instead of needing to be in the car to feel like I'm in the car. I felt like I was in the car. And then after doing that for like two months, I got on my computer. And I was like, why don't I have this car already. And I just went on this website. And within five minutes I ordered the car (laughs).

Angie Knight 27:32
Jeremy, I love this story so much! Because you just you just nailed the process. Which is... You just nailed so much, actually. And I don't think it's from you hanging out with me. I think this is a paradigm shift that's happening. it's an awakening that's happening. And we're a part of it. And of course, we're both stewards for that. Right. And you have to live what you're teaching, which sucks so much of the time (laughs) and other times it's awesome.

Jeremy Devens 27:57
Well it is hard work. Yeah.

Angie Knight 27:59
It is. But sometimes it can be fun.

Jeremy Devens 28:03
It should be always. I mean, it's always fun, really. It's just the perspective. Yeah, I mean, there's definitely some sacrifice and like some untangling of some wires. But that in itself can be play as well.

Angie Knight 28:15
So can I just recap what you just said? The retreat that I'm leading is called "Time to Fly: Rising In Love. And it is that process that you just went through about looking at your beliefs about your car, and it wasn't necessarily a negative thing, right? You had a great attitude about it, but then letting your car crumble, but then also letting that belief crumble and with a little nudge from your girlfriend, and then what you did was you activated what is everybody's superpower. And that's your imagination. And people, I know, because I was highly imaginative when I was young. And it was discounted "ah that's just your imagination," right? We don't equate imagination with knowledge. But Einstein said imagination is more important, more valuable than knowledge. And you know, I have a thing for Einstein, but not anymore. That's another story. So you activated your superpower, which is your imagination. And what your imagination is actually doing is it's creating. It's, it's that's how creation works. But we think that the things are happening to us, we don't realize that what we're imagining is being created, but it happens largely through our worries and stuff

Jeremy Devens 29:38

Angie Knight 29:38
So we're creating what we don't want unconsciously. So what you did is you brought it to your awareness, and then you started to feed it with your imagination, which is manifestation power, or like manifestation is the effect of that consciousness shift. And you imagined it as if it were true. So that's bringing it into present time. You could have imagined, oh, the day when I can drive this car, and then it would have taken a long time, if not forever.

Jeremy Devens 30:04

Angie Knight 30:04
So you imagined it as if it was true. And then desire was the other word. You said, that's the magic ingredient. Because you can't just say, Oh, I have this new car, you have to feel it,

Jeremy Devens 30:17

Angie Knight 30:18
That's the juice. Like, you have to feel it. You have to feel it in your body as if it's already true. And then (hits hands together) it is. That's how it works! But people don't realize that. It's not that hard.

Jeremy Devens 30:32
Right. So the thing I come back to is people think maybe that's ungrounded or unrealistic.

Angie Knight 30:39

Jeremy Devens 30:39
You're just living in La La Land. Yeah, you gotta do hard work. You can't just like imagine things and then you get them. But whenever I think of that, I think of the most grounded, practical, salt of the earth people in the world; construction workers who are following a blueprint. Somebody looked at a big empty space of land and imagined this building in extreme detail. And then, in short time, there it is. If they didn't have the blueprint, though, they could never have made it.

Angie Knight 31:10

Jeremy Devens 31:11
If somebody didn't have that vision of like, okay, it's going to be like, this is gonna be this many windows, blah, blah, blah, like, you've got to start there. And then that person who's imagine it's like, it exists, like, this is what we're making. There's no like, Oh, I you know, someday I want to make this building. It's like, here's the building, it's happening.

Angie Knight 31:27
Mhm, It exists in my mind, now we're going to bring it here on to this piece of ground.

Jeremy Devens 31:32
And then there is like, you know, you gotta hire the contractor, there is the groundwork to do it. So it's not just automatic, you can't just make a blueprint, and you're done. But you got to have, like, you got to start there. And you gotta, like, that's, that's the most important thing. If you just started building without the blueprint without the vision, then you're just going to end up, you know, going in circles and, you know, doing random things, and it's going to be aimless.

It sounds like what you're creating in this workshop is that space for people to create that blueprint. And then so they know the next steps. So they start there with the vision and the intention and the feeling. And then the next action is obvious from there, like what they like, you don't have to think about, like, when I was so full of that feeling of like, it feels so good to be in my new car, at some point i was like "I have to just go get the car now!" I can't just feel this feeling and not be in the car!

Angie Knight 32:28
Because it's my car! (laughs) Where is it? It's my car!

Jeremy Devens 32:31
(laughs) I'm gonna go get it now.

Angie Knight 32:33
I mean, it's here. It just needs to find its way to me,

Jeremy Devens 32:36

So, so tell us about your event. So tell us the details. who it's for, if anyone's thinking about signing up like, why they might want to sign up, if they aren't already getting the idea of what it is and how it's going to help them.

Angie Knight 32:57
So it's called "Time to Fly: Rising in Love." It's a women's weekend event here in Austin, July 27, and 28th. It is for women, although these concepts are also for men, it just felt appropriate for this first one to be women because I'm a woman. And I can relate to women really, really well. And I've done women's retreats for many years. It's a little bit different of a container, the dynamic shift a little bit, when there's both sexes in the room. But I have a notion that moving forward, it will be for both. So this weekend is a women's weekend. And we've rented a beautiful event venter in central Austin, called Vuka. So it'll be a weekend

Jeremy Devens 33:54
It's a gorgeous space.

Angie Knight 33:55
It's so expansive and nice.

Jeremy Devens 33:58
It's one of the nicest venues I've been to

Angie Knight 34:00
I love it. I actually used to teach there when they first opened. But it's not a yoga event, but everybody's going to have a spot for a yoga mat. Yeah, and props because we will do embodiment. And there also will be chairs, if people don't want to sit on the floor. So it'll be a weekend of basically this process of expanding your capacity to be with yourself in a way that's safe, which we have from teaching meditation and yoga, but not everybody has that practice of coming into presence and softening the judge. Because when we have judgments about our experience, and particularly the feelings that we're having, we might have spent however many decades trying to push away certain feelings. And all feelings are that fuel, right? So the more you stifle your feelings is the degree with which you stifle your creativity, which is where that voice comes through. So basically, helping people go through the process that you and I have gone through over years of expanding our capacity to be with what is. That creates a safe enough container to go underneath, and see what beliefs we've been living in. Because if we do that without that container, we're going to feel scared or ashamed. And we're going to do whatever weird things we do, to not have that come to the surface.

Jeremy Devens 35:31
I gotta say, the value of the container. And, the space that you hold in particular is invaluable. Christine is going through grad school right now, and she's doing some of this deep emotional work in grad school. But she's like, "it is no container." We get so used to that in the yoga community. To have space holders like you that can like hold that so well, where it's really safe. And you can feel those deep, deep feelings way under the surface.

I just had that realization, she was talking about her experience in grad school where, yeah, they're talking about deep emotions. And you people might talk about deep emotions, like in their therapy, or like, in some contexts, like, they might find that, but it's very different in the space that you hold. The space that you create is very inviting, very safe, non judgmental, like you're saying. And I've been able to do a lot of really deep personal growth and deep work just by having that container held. And you being a witness in that way. And I think that's one of your unique gifts, that I'm really grateful for that you hold the space really well, for those kind of things,

Angie Knight 36:41
Thanks Jeremy.

Well, and the cool thing is some of the things that we're ashamed about, and some of the things that we've been told or conditioned to think are wrong with us, are actually our gifts. I've seen this for so many years. So it's like, once you realize you don't have to be ashamed of this thing. This is actually amazing if you cultivated or acknowledge it. So the concept of giving people a safe place in order to be with themselves, but also the encouragement in order to grow. Because we need that, like, if you had that growing up, I know there's some super successful people whose parents trusted their decisions and trusted their mistakes. But most of us didn't have that. Most of us had a different kind of conditioning, where we separated from certain parts of ourselves because they weren't seen, they weren't acknowledged, they weren't cultivated or appreciated, because they didn't have the lens to do that. There's nobody to blame here. It's just an awakening.

So to have people come together and feel that kind of support, gives people courage to dream again. And then it gives people courage to leap. It's hard to do that without a support system.

Like I had a therapist for years, and I initially started the conversation by "I'm not here for your advice, I don't want you to fix me, I'm as broken as anybody else. That's not why I'm here," I said, "I just want to have someone hold space for me." Because that's eternally my job. Really what I did for years was just figure out my own stuff. in someone else's presence, like he helped with that container, I made really courageous choices during that time. But as soon as you go back into your box... Like, you need ongoing support, right? I love my family so much, but it's hard for me to remember who I am around them.

Jeremy Devens 38:49

Angie Knight 38:50
Because they have a different view of me. And it's contagious. Fear is contagious. And, so is inspiration. (laughing) So I want to create a new kind of plague that's going to run across the planet! (laughs) And it's it's going to be contagious. It's believing in your uniqueness and not being afraid to be authentic. That's what we need.

What I'm realizing in my own small little microcosm of a team that's bringing this into fruition is that we are pumping each other up, we have accomplished so much in a short amount of time because we have each other. One person will go through the doubt process, which will happen, and I'll warn everybody, you're going to leave this thing, and your brain is going to kick back on. Here's what to do when that happens.

So we've all had things come up in our lives, and I have some right now where it's like, I'm a little bit scared. I've left everything that's familiar to me, with the exception of my children and my friendships. And my old conditioning says this isn't gonna work out. "This is irresponsible, Angie!" So we're able to pump each other up. And there's other ways to pump yourself up. So that you can you can keep coming back to that place of trust. And you can flex your faith muscles there like any other muscles. I know about the faith ones you know about the real ones! (laughs)

Jeremy Devens 40:24
Faith is real! (laughs)

Angie Knight 40:24
I think you should teach me about the real muscles (laughs) How long do you think it would take for you to get me buff, Jeremy? 2 Weeks? 3 Weeks?

Jeremy Devens 40:29
Oh... 8 weeks

Angie Knight 40:32
Oh, that's a long time

Jeremy Devens 40:32
Oh, it's not that long

Angie Knight 40:32
Okay (laughs) That's the next show. We should do that! We should take before pictures and then we should do another podcast in how many weeks? 8 weeks?

Jeremy Devens 40:44
Sure. I'm down.

Angie Knight 40:46
Yeah. So. Flexing faith muscles.

Jeremy Devens 40:52
So tell us the dates again?

Angie Knight 40:54
July 27. And 28th.

Jeremy Devens 40:56
And how can people sign up?

Angie Knight 40:59
Angie Knight with a K. Like knight in shining armor. And then there's a "Time To Fly" tab.

Jeremy Devens 41:08
Awesome. Cool. All right. Yeah.

Angie Knight 41:15
We could probably talk for 6 weeks.

Jeremy Devens 41:17
I think so. Well, we're gonna have 8 weeks to talk.

Angie Knight 41:19
Oh, that's right. So should we talk as we lift the weights?

Jeremy Devens 41:23
(laughs) You might not gain as much of the... body muscles.

Angie Knight 41:26
Oh, Okay. (laughs)

Jeremy Devens 41:29
You gain more of the talking muscles. (laughs) So thank you so much for being here. This has been super fun.

Angie Knight 41:36
Thank you for having me.

Jeremy Devens 41:37
I'm excited to do it again soon. And I'm excited to hear all about how the event goes. This is really cool.

Angie Knight 41:43
Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for your support

Jeremy Devens 41:46
Thank you. (laughs)

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