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TT33: How Practicing Contentment (Santosha) Helped Me Work Through Depression

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This practice changed my life. 

Around 12 years ago I was struggling with depression and feeling stuck on how to navigate it. 

I knew something needed to change so when I heard about a practice that could possibly help, I was eager to try it. 

The practice, I know now, shares its roots with this ancient teaching of Yoga Philosophy. 

What is the practice? I will share in this podcast, as well as how you can start applying it today. 

The Yoga Sutra teaches "From contentment comes all happiness." 

The Sanskrit word for this is "Santosha" which comes from "Sam" and "tosha" meaning "completely all together." -- When we are 'completely all together' we feel contentment. 

Is contentment just complacency though? 

What if you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and think seeking contentment is unrealistic? 

What creates discontent? 

This episode is quite personal to my own growth. I look forward to sharing the lessons I've learned about contentment with you today. 

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