TT5: Which phase are you in?

Since I began teaching in 2011 I have noticed there is a pattern to how I have learned over the years. Once I noticed this pattern I asked other experienced teachers if they noticed it too. They did! I began applying it to how I learned going forward and it has helepd my practice stay interesting, engaging and evolving every year since.

PHASE 1: Study the Fundamentals: You've likely heard "you don't know what you don't know." This is where you start. With a beginners mind, curious and open to new possibiliteis. Maybe you feel this way about anatomy, asana or breathwork. This is the time to find a mentor, learn the mindset, and see the big picture. Explore for a while, then decide where to dig deeper in phase 2,

PHASE 2: Deepen Your Practice: Now that you have the basics down, you start thinking "Ok, i get it," but only intellectually. it takes lots of practice and repittion to myelinate your brain and build mind-muscle connection. In this phase you start having realizations, new perspectives. Satchidananda said "stop digging shallow wells, you have to dig deep to reach water." That is phase 2.

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