TT6: What Was The First Written Use of The Word Yoga?

In modern discussion of yoga there is a lot of conflict about what is or isn't yoga. Now we have so many permutations, and so many people claiming their yoga is more authentic, who should we listen to?
In this podcast I will go all the way back to the oldest written mention of the word yoga to explore it's definition and practice and how that applies to our modern, westernized approaches to yoga.
I'll dive into one of my favorite sources of yogic wisdom, the Upanishads. A treasure trove of incredible teachings that are as relevant now as they were 2000+ years ago.
Two of my favorite translation / commentaries on the Upanishads are this one by Eknath Eswaren and this one by Thomas Egenes. Both worth having in your library to review for years to come.
I also mentioned a great documentary you can check out HERE that shows what practices that modern yogis are doing that were also practiced by the yogis of 2000+ years ago
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