TT9: BBC: "Yoga Teachers Risking Serious Hip Problems"


There is a new article from the BBC called “Yoga teachers risking serious hip problems” In today’s episode I read through the article and share the one piece missing from the article - specifically how to apply this article to your practice and prevent serious hip problems. If you enjoy this podcast leave an honest review and rating or join the Quietmind Community at  Want to plan your year to make time for your practice and what is most important to you? Jan 17th is the Mindful New Year retreat online or in Austin, TX where you will apply yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology to plan the year ahead in alignment with the seasons and personalized to your unique type (dosha) and your Vedic moon signs. Don't know these things? You will learn them at this retreat!


Jeremy Devens, E-RYT


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