Y104: Gentle Yoga to Clear Your Mind and Set Intentions For The New Year

clarity gentle yoga Dec 29, 2019

In last week’s episode I shared how to approach your practice as a place of refuge. 

Today I share how to move from that refuge into the year ahead. To hear the still, quiet voice of intuition that always knows your next right step.

Modern technology is part of "the distraction economy." It aims to keep us scrolling through social media - looking outside ourselves. Yoga does the opposite. It's about your most valuable asset - your attention - and choosing how to direct it. 

When you become curious about where your attention goes, insights can arise. New neural pathways can form. Opportunities become clear. This is fertile soil to plant seeds of intention for the new year.

Building on everything I've shared about polarities this season, consider this. When you have an intention and imagine moving in that direction, what do you feel? Do you feel contraction or expansion? Do you feel growth or stagnation? 

If there is expansion - is there a next step that you feel called towards?

If you feel contraction - does this feel out of alignment? Or is there a limiting belief at play? 

The new year offers a fresh start. A reminder of impermanence - another year has passed. A decade, in this case. Who have you become? Who are you becoming? Who will you be a year from now, reflecting back on this? 

These are questions to live, rather than question to answer. To pause when you notice the spiritual lens flares of synchronicity. To meet both contraction and expansion with curiosity. Also with the wisdom of perspective. To be bold and take chances when the insight is vivid and the inner voice is clear. To be like a tree that stops branching out when the inner voice says "no."

If you feel inspired you might write out your goals - you might make a plan - you might throw it out. Whatever you choose to do, trust that it is the right thing to do. 

It today's practice I will share ways to notice where you direct your attention. To encourage you to find your own definition of alignment. To let inspiration move you. To trust your intuition when it says to be still. 



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