Y111: All Levels Vinyasa + Essential Anatomy Lesson: Internal and External Rotation

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Today's class is an all levels Vinyasa - and also an experiential anatomy lesson in one of the most important pairs of movements for yoga postures: Internal and external rotation. This is key to avoiding shoulder injuries, key to downdog, and any pose with arms overhead. If you find this helpful, check out my other podcast: the Yoga Teacher Training podcast for more of my favorite anatomy lessons. If you want to receive lessons like that to your inbox, signup for any of my free offers at http://www.quietmind.yoga to join the Quietmind Community. 

If you want to learn anatomy in-depth, the Quietmind Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training is opening soon for the March 2020 class. You can learn more by attending the workshop linked above, or joining the Quietmind Community as mentioned above. I've received incredibly positive feedback about the anatomy portion of my training, and this episode is a small portion of what I teach there.

Thank you for listening!

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