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Y157: Yogic Breathing - The Most Important Part Of Yoga Practice

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Today I share a simple 20 minute meditation on the most important part of yoga practice: yogic breathing. This is great for beginners or anyone who wants to deepen the fundamentals of their practice. Yogic breathing may seem really simple - and it is - but It can have profound benefits. The average person breathes 12-20 breaths a minute. These are often shallow and emphasize the upper lungs. Breathing that way creates a Sympathetic Nervous System response - a stress response. Just by how you breathe! With yogic breathing we slow this down and breathe deeper into the lower belly using the diaphragm. As a former singer I learned this is where the power to sustain your breath comes from. This slower, deeper belly breathing also creates a Parasympathetic Nervous System response - a rest and relax response - which was very helpful to come back to throughout the week Ive had with power outages, water being shut off and food shortages here in Texas. I share more about that here and on the Quietmind Astrology podcast (link below).

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