Y82: Slow Vinyasa For Grounding And Recharging - Emphasis On Hips

If you've had a day where you are "go, go, go" and putting your attention in several directions this is increasing the Vata Dosha, the air element. Repeated over time, this leads to an excess of Vata Dosha which shows up as anxiety, worry, fear, dryness, itchiness, digestive distress, IBS, cold limbs and similar issues. To help reduce this excess and avoid these negative effects of excess Vata you can do practices that increase the Earth element, or Kapha Dosha. It can be hard to go from that Vata excess to stillness, so this practice includes a good amount of movement to help ease into grounding. The effect I've often felt from doing these sorts of practices is like recharging. It feels as if I have a sense of touch in several directions depleting my energy and attention, then I do this sort of practice and my energy comes back to my center and my energy replenishes. You will have your own experience, but I have found this incredibly helpful and much needed for me, I hope you find it helpful too! 

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Thanks for listening! Jeremy

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