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Y99: Hatha for Low Back Pain and Awareness of Pelvic Tilt

back pain hatha

In last week’s episode I shared one of my favorite threads of the Yoga Sutra: “mindfulness of opposites.”

Today I share one of the most essential pairs of opposites -- anterior and posterior pelvic tilt. If you’ve never heard these words before, I will share exactly what I mean by them in today’s episode.

As I’ve shared before, low back pain effects 80% of people, has many common causes, and many ways to address the issue. In general, I aim to find the root of the issue. This may involve strengthening the back as we did in Episode #95. This may involve strengthening the core, as we did in Episode #97. Or it may involve adjusting the tilt of the pelvis as we’ll do in today’s practice.

If you’re like me it’s so easy for you to slip into a posterior pelvic tilt when sitting in a chair. Rounded back. Shoulders slumped.

Or, if you’re like one of my early teachers you have a ‘swayback’ or an anterior pelvic tilt. Arched back. Bowed spine.

At either extreme you are likely to run into issues. As Ayurveda teaches: anything in can be a medicine or a poison, depending on how you use it.

My intention today is to help you have more awareness of the tilt of your pelvis and how it effects the rest of your body. This is one of the roots I find in many people struggling with low back pain. The good news is it's one of the simples issues to address. As you move through your practice today, notice the tilt of your pelvis. Notice how this effects the rest of the posture. Notice how it effects your posture throughout the day, after practice.

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