A41: The 6th House: Health, Service, Routines

The Vedas are the oldest known written text by humans - and the source of Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga - I'm hosting a workshop all about how to deepen your yoga practice - wether you want to be a teacher or not - called 3 Mindset Shifts to Build Confidence in Teaching Yoga. You can register at http://www.quietmind.yoga/confidence

Today's episode is all about the 6th house - routines, habits, enemies, obstacles, health, digestion, debt, service - how do you work with positive and negative influences on these aspects of your life? I will share the most common patterns I have seen in charts with the 6th house - and the most effective ways I have found to work with the potential energies of the 6th house. 

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Thank you to my generous student and friend Fred for the gift of this Ganesha statue in the images here. He happened to give me this gift TODAY before I recorded this episode!

Thanks for listening!


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