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A63: How To Use Astrology to Plan Your Day And Manage Your Energy - Hour By Hour With The Planets

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Today I am sharing one of my favorite tools for applying astrology to your life. Best of all, It requires zero training and it’s super simple and fun to use. It’s part of a free app called Align27. I am not sponsored by them, I just love this app and wish it existed when I started learning astrology!

I will show you step by step how to use this app to manage your energy throughout the day. Do you ever have moments where you feel the energy has just “shifted”? Do you ever feel full of energy some times, and depleted other times? This app factors in several Vedic Astrology calculations that have been used for thousands of years to give you a detailed graph for your energy throughout the day.

It shows whether the overall day is a Green, Amber or Red day. It shows your most productive times, “golden moments,” and “silent moments.”

The most interesting thing for me is when I DON’T think about the app, then use it to reflect on my day. I have experimented with this for the past 3 months and found it to be incredibly accurate and helpful. I’ll share how you can use this app to manage your energy and plan your day too!

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