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A68: Mercury Hora: Communication, Business and How Your Birth Chart Effects The Hora

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Today continues our series on how to best manage your time and energy applying the Vedic Astrology teachings of Hora. No matter what your birth chart is like, hora effects us all.

This series will help you understand the ruling planet of each hour of the day. When you align yourself with these energies your actions are in alignment with the cycles of the planets. I encourage you to experiment with this and find how it feels resonant for you. If you have a significant task to complete, you may find it helpful to chant the mantra associated with that hora’s ruling planet. In each episode I will share a mantra for each planet.

The hora is about one hour for each planetary period, repeating in this order, based on the speed of the planets, as perceived from earth:

Moon Mercury Venus Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn

Today I will share all about the Mercury hora

When does this time begin? What activities are favorable during this time? What activities are not favorable during this time? What is the mantra for this time?

Thank you to listener Vanessa Deverell who reached out to share more about the origins of the hora sequence.

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