TT18: 7 Of The Most Helpful Things I've Learned About Anatomy

anatomy teacher training Mar 08, 2020

Today I share 7 of the most helpful things I have learned about anatomy, and many of them I didn't learn until years into my practice. This is all infused into my March 2020 Online Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship at but some of the best ideas are right here in this episode. Hopefully this podcast can save you years of confusion and even harm to your body.  The 7 things I share about are: 

The 5 movements of the spine; Every anatomic cue comes from understanding anatomic neutral; Every muscle in the body can do two things; Think about all areas of the body 3 dimensionally: front, back and sides; The 6 movements of the scapula; Joints are responsible for 47% of flexibility, muscles and fascia are 41%; Learn anatomy from PTs, CPTs, doctors and other anatomy specialists

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