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TT30: Saucha: How Your Choices & Environments Shape Your Mind

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Saucha means cleanliness and it’s the first of 5 niyamas (disciplines) - things we aim to do to achieve the 8 limbs of yoga. Recent research in quantum physics has fascinating implications for how our minds shape our environments and vice versa. Practicing saucha means being mindful of the ‘cleanliness’ of your mind just as much as the cleanliness of your body. To perceive more clearly rather than through samskaras (patterns) or kleshas (afflictions of the mind).

Today I’ll share about

What is Saucha? How to navigate confusion, anxiety, overwhelm, fear and insecurity How to navigate psychological concept of “learned helplessness” I already live a pretty ‘clean’ life, how is Saucha relevant to me? Simple ways to start practicing Saucha today

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Look forward to sharing more next week as we continue this series on the 8 Limbs of Yoga philosophy!


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