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Y113: Meditation For Grounding and Centering (Great For Beginners)

beginner centering grounding meditation

I hope you are well and safe. Today’s episode is a grounding and centering practice to support you in regulating your nervous system during this uncertain time we are all experiencing with the unfortunate spread of Covid-19.

From an Ayurvedic perspective we are experiencing a significant Vata dosha imbalance (change, fear, anxiety) and can balance this out by doing things that increase the Kapha dosha (earth, grounding, security) such as creating routines, eating grounding foods and doing practices like this.

I believe we can all benefit from having the training and skills to regulate our nervous systems, especially in challenging, uncertain times. I hope this practice supports you in doing that so you can show up as a loving presence for others in your life.

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Thank you for listening!
Stay safe and be well.


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